Legal System Is Broken

originally posted 7/2012

The legal system is broken.  Regardless of what the Supreme Court thinks,  the sex registry is unconstitutional and cruel and unusual punishment designed to torture…simple as that.  It servers no other purpose.  If an offender of any sort of violent crime (robbery, rape, etc) is seen fit to be released into the general population then they should be allowed to work or live anywhere they wish.  Let police know where they are but there is no reason for the ignorant masses to have that sort of personal information.

Nearly any other “criminal” is allowed a second chance except those labelled as sex offenders.  How is that fair?  How is that the American way?  It is shameful and unfair.  If you have paid your debt to society then you should be allowed to move on with your life without this unfair classification.  Holier than thou people feel superior when they can log on from their homes to see who living around them has the scarlet letter.  Sad little people they are.

1 thought on “Legal System Is Broken

  1. Yes, it is broken. The judge who heard my husband’s case was under investigation for corruption of justice and multiple other charges; the person who was heading the investigation was the assistant D.A. who prosecuted my husband. This was going on during my husband’s trial! The judge was convicted of corruption of justice and is now no longer able to work in the legal field. I have been screaming this flagrant abuse of justice and cannot seem to find a way to get this issue heard…..the longer it goes on, the more laws are enacted, retro for anyone who carries this horrific conviction for whatever reason.

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