Will Fight

Nov. 2012

I want to share a story of something my wife and I are going through right now. As a registered sex offender, it has been extremely difficult to find housing. This spring, we applied to purchase a mobile home in a local mobile home park. When it was explained that there would be a background check, I started to withdraw my application, explaining that I have a felony record. I was told that I should let it go forward anyway and see what happens. A week later, I was quite surprised to hear that our application had been approved. Now, 6 months later, I have received a notice of violating community rules because there is a sex offender registered at my address. I have come to find out that the woman in the sales office avoided the problem of my having a record by simply not submitting the paperwork for the background check. But now somebody has seen my listing on the registry web site and complained to the corporate office. They are now conducting an investigation and actually running the background check. The results are going to be quite obvious. I was convicted of a felony sexual offence (trading underage pornography on the internet). When the investigation is over, they are going to require that I leave, which I will fight. If they had denied the application BEFORE we purchased, we never would have. But now we can’t afford to move.



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