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I haven’t heard any new news on what’s happening with groups standing up and fighting this new law in Pennsylvania.  Last I heard, RSOL said they are going to stand up and fight this for a number of reasons.  Like 10 days after RSOL announced that, I got a call from my local A.C.L.U office and they took down my complaint, and said they have been swamped with callers and people looking to file a complaint, that they are forwarding all complaints to the legal team and they will determine which way to best handle this.  Also, the one advocate from RSOL named Frank is the liaison to a attorney that will handle this as well.  I am posting this in hopes someone has any news on what’s going on.  As this is stressing me out worrying about this.  I don’t want to seem like a whiner but I am trying to stay strong and keep the faith.   But with only 2 years left to register and now they throw me into Tier 3  and say NO you’re going to continue to suffer the guilt and shame until you die, regardless of whether or not you try to do good and be productive.  THAT’S not good enough for us.  Thank you, John Walsh…<not>

But I hope this post doesn’t get deleted and everyone can post here on the news they have heard about what’s going on with the new Pennsylvania law (Dec. 20th).    So if you have any news on what’s going on please post it here….maybe we can have this as a section to report the news on what’s going on.


Stressed in Pennsylvania

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  1. I was reading about a new law Lisa Boscola wants to enact that so’s aren’t allowed to live a certain distance from parks, bus stops and what not, unless it’s passed by now or going to pass; I hope not. I also read how some communitiess in California are building what are called pocket parks. Just a section big enough to fit a swing set on. Even if no one plays in the so called park, they’re designed to make an SO move because they build the fake parks close enough to their home that it puts them in violation of the law. Any idea or other info anyone else knows on this matter?

  2. I was reading about a new law Lisa Boscola wants to enact that so’s aren’t alowed to live a certain distance from parks, bus stops and what not. I also read how some community’s in California are building what are called pocket parks. Just a section big enough to fit a swing set on. Even if no one plays in the so called park there designed to make an so move because they build the close enough to there home that is puts them in violation of the law.

    1. Brian,
      I think sometimes it takes longer for the mods to get to the posts,
      as I think its volunteer staff; I could be wrong.

  3. Sorry Matthew something happened with my text in the last response. Well I saw it on go petitions. I typed in Meagan’s law and it came up. But what I failed to notice is that it was out dated. I saw current signatures dated for 2013. But I went back to it and it no longer let me see the signatures. Sorry about the bad info. I was very disappointed to see my mistake. I’m just struggling to find more information about what’s going on and what laws are being changed. I feel blind in a sense sometimes if that makes any sense.

    I did get an email from RSOLaws inc. They asked if I had been in contact with Frank and provided his email which is good. They said to write to my elected officials and law makers. Don’t know what that would accomplish. You would think that would be a pat on their back and a slap in our face.

  4. Signed the petition at; you have to look for it a bit but I found it–number 117. Anonymous though. I did put a comment also.

  5. That is GREAT news Mat. I myself received a response from ACLU (Pgh) yesterday, and I was told they will keep my issues on file until they decided if or how they were going to attack the issues at hand. And they will contact me in the future if they moved forward. At least hearing your response tells US they are looking further into things and are planning a strategy. To EVERYONE this Law effects, I STRONGLY advise (or suggest) that you get INVOLVED in whatever way you possibly can. Whether it be to contribute to RSOL, write a letter (complaint to ACLU) or make a call. Please get involved and DON’T sit on the side lines and wait for others to fight how Unconstitutional this law is. There is strength in numbers and voices that are being heard. STAND UP !!

    1. Hi; yes, I got the same letter from the ACLU in Pittsburgh since that is the closet office. And my case is out of the western district. But, what makes me feel and think that it’s wonderful news is the number that they called me from was a 215 number Eastern Pa. I also see the petition on Go.petitions is filling up; when I signed it, there were 30+ signed; now there’s over 100, BUT WHAT saddens me is most are signed anonymous.

    2. Wow, this is awesome; I was so angry when I first received the letter from the state police about this whole thing, and I see hope–omg. My wife gets upset when I read about how this is affecting people and our families. I took a plea deal as well; I dated a minor and had consensual sex, but the DA picked up the charges, and that’s when I got a public defender and took a plea agreement. I am joining the fight right now. There is hope.

      1. Hi, Brian. Welcome aboard. My suggestions is donating what you can to RSOL, this website here, to their legal team, and

        here are the numbers of the American Civil Liberties Union:

        Eastern Pa. 215-592-1513
        Central Pa. 877-424-2258
        Western Pa. 412-681-7736

        I would also suggest joining the ACLU, as a wise RSOL member told me that it looks better when their members ask for help..:)

        But, both RSOL and ACLU need our support just like we need their help in fighting this injustice.

        Stressed in Western Pa.

      2. I donated to the ACLU today, and I joined the ACLU also and sent them an email as well asking for help in this matter. I will donate to RSOL next when I get paid again.

        I did my registration to the PSP last Sunday, so I am still awaiting what tier I will be. I have a good idea of what it is going to be judging by the rest of the people posting here.

      3. Well, even better news. I posted a few days ago about getting a 2nd call from the A.C.L.U. Today I got a 3rd call…first 2 were from the Philly chapter, and the one 3rd one was from the Pittsburgh chapter. Looks like they might just do something about it.
        Just like donating to the RSOL, joining the ACLU also has its perks. So call, write, email, whatever you have to do to keep the pressure on the ACLU to do something.
        Stay strong and band together my brothers and sisters.
        And we will over come this injustice and cruel and unusual punishment subjected upon us.

      4. Got a call from the ACLU today. Was from the 215 number also. Said they will be getting back to me in a week or two; there are a couple of the petitions online as well. One has over a thousand signatures on it unlike the first one I signed which is still in the 100s. My wife thinks thus will develop into a class action lawsuit eventually.

      5. Cool, glad to hear it; what’s the one with over 1000? I’d like to sign that one too.

      6. Sorry I misread it. It’s out dated, but I saw new signatures from 2013 and I went back to look again, and it won’t let me enter the signature area. I entered Megan’s law and it came up. Sorry about the confusion.

      7. Well, did my first reg. under the new law tier 3. And had a trooper corporal, and he told me the State Police don’t like this new law anymore then we do. It adds burden to them with doing more..such as DNA samples, Fingerprints and Palm prints; they even do the side of your hand. AND he agreed that people with first offenses and such should not belong on it…but multi-offenders and violent offenders should be. I asked if he would join our fight…and of course I knew he’d say no because how would it look…BUT he did say it was stupid to be polite. He was SURPRISED that I was only ever arrested once, AND I told him I just made a stupid mistake that was all, just a internet mistake. But I thanked him for his professional attitude and for treating me like a human being, and not scum like some do when I do the registration process. Which this was his first time doing the new law process…BUT THERE WAS 2 other troopers there that did them BUT one of the two HAS a attitude, BECAUSE when someone asked this corporal if they wanted to send so and so back to help him, he more or less hinted that he didn’t want that trooper to help as that trooper had a bad attitude towards us. So this corporal was a decent person in my eyes..So, all in all it was a ok experience this time doing the reg.. and while I was there 3 other SO’s stopped in to do the deed and was told to come back.

  6. I HAVE GOOD NEWS with our efforts to donate and also banding together. TODAY I was contacted by the ACLU for additional information about my complaint, AND the woman told me that hundreds have called them to file complaints, and they are seriously looking into it as unconstitutional.

    And, like I told her, I took a plea deal and was on the 10 year registry under old law. Now I am given further punishment. BY SUBJECTING me to a life time supervision.

    Hence, just like being on supervised release from the Fed’s..

    MY ADVICE is not only donate but also join the ACLU as a member and make calls to the ACLU, and instead of 100’s, let’s make it 1000’s calling and speaking up.

    I’m stressed in Pa. and went to heart doc today, and my at rest blood pressure is 189/110.

    So, contact Frank and donate even if it’s only what you can, and let’s stand up and say enough.

  7. Well, a little food for thought; seems our esteemed Mr. Corbett pretending Governor, is making a mess of things here in Pa. Not only was he AG when the Centre county D.A. went missing. The D.A. was looking into the Jerry Sandusky case back before he went missing. And isn’t it funny that Mr. Corbett was connected to Penn State back then and didn’t do anything. Now he’s selling the Pa. lottery to a firm in the UK to run
    ;he’s also closing the liquor stores and 2 state prisons when there’s so much over crowding in the prison system now; just because they built a new prison they are closing 2–how smart is that?? He’s cut education, disabled, and senior citizen programs. He has a lot of people, including representatives, also up in arms with the bullshit he’s doing in this state.

  8. My husband was 16 when he was convicted and 17 when he was sentenced as a sex offender. He has not committed any other acts of this nature, but he has committed different crimes due to the fact that he can’t get a job; he has been turned down to be removed from the registry. He is now 36.

  9. In the State of Arkansas we have a new law that forbids registered sex offenders from swimming at state parks. “By 35-0, the Senate passed Senate Bill 12 by Sen. Missy Irvin, R-Mountain View, which would prohibit level 3 or 4 sex offenders — the two highest ratings — from frequenting a swimming area or a children’s playground in a state park.”
    This really seems strange to me. This is every level 3 or 4 registered sex offender, regardless of parole, probation, or those who have done their time. I know one who supposedly committed a sexual offense over 25 years ago. He spent 20 years in prison. He has already faced the consequences for his actions. Why must he continue to pay for something like this? He did not get a life sentence, apparently because he did not deserve one. So why must this continue all his life? I am not necessarily feeling sorry for him, but I feel he did his time. It’s over. So why the witch hunt?
    When a registered sex offender is in a state park or shopping in a grocery store, it’s not like they are looking to snatch up some kid and run. Remember, not all sex offenders are child molesters. Instead, these people go to state parks with their families. They want to be with their family members, including grandmothers, mothers, aunts, wives, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters. Apparently, this really bothers some people who have nothing but hate in their hearts.
    These sex offenders already cannot get jobs doing anything because of criminal background checks. The government is forcing these people to live on the streets – exactly where we do not want them. They cannot get jobs to support themselves so what are they left to do? They end up on food stamps and other government programs. Since they cannot work, we cannot keep day-to-day track of them. If they do find jobs, they are required by the police department to inform their employers that they are registered sex offenders, so they lose their jobs. In this way, the state prevents sex offenders from working.
    Aren’t these laws unconstitutional? I thought people had a right to work, regardless of class. Yeah, I know, they should have thought about all that when they committed the crime, right? Well, that attitude is creating a monster in our social system. These people are on our streets regardless of what they were thinking. It is up to us to figure out what to do with them. It is more profitable for society as a whole if they work, pay bills, pay taxes, and buy from us. Forcing them onto the streets like stray dogs is not beneficial to anyone.

    1. WOW Jane Doe even though you make really good points I can’t think that at some level you might have been screaming that something has to be done with sex offenders, and that screaming, and these new laws are the direct result of the people that did the screaming…I’m sorry as I read your words I could not help but feel the venom dripping from your words with your hatred for sex offenders..

    2. we want to just be able to enjoy the park as a family . hasnt been able to since husband got on sex offender registry 4 yrs ago now. got rest his life on it:( !! i can understand probation but to have a sex offender registry for life and how it is hurting all the families and taking away all our freedoms is so wrong.!! cant go no where ! do nothing!! imprisoned in own so tired of it and something got to be done.we want o be able to live a normal life . and if we abide by the law with probation we should be able to go to a park and do what families do . will we be able to have daddy watch a sports game when son grows up . will he be able to go to participate in sons school stuff with me as family . will he be able to see son graduate from highschool . will he be able to see his first grandchild when gets married. will our son become suicidal when he gets bullied in school cause people know daddy on registry .. what about a nice stroll in the park as hub and wife do or bf gf do . enjoying the land GOD gave us to enjoy ..what about vigilantes and trouble makers coming after our familes , and harassing them . just normal every day things are taken away and this isnt fair. its tearing our hearts out . and i pray something gets done. people need to be able to live and have a chance to prove to the people they are not monsters like society wants to say people are. people can be set free by the POWER of GOD . from living in darkness .to walking in the light .. aclu i wrote back then they didnt do nothing not even a cofirmation they received my letter 🙁 but if all the families would stand up and tell the governors aclu people about this unfair registry laws that is expost facto laws .is unconstitutional , maybe something can be done.until then my husband has until he passes on to be with the LORD on this registry . or GOD may answer the prayers and he will make certain the registry is no more.

  10. I took a plea deal that required I register once a year for ten years. Since the Adam Walsh act took effect, I have been classified as a tier 3 sex offender and now must register every three months for the rest of my life. How this can be viewed as collateral consequence as opposed to punitive is beyond rational thinking. My mistake I made is causing my children to suffer embarrassment and shame because of the public shaming list on line. Why they should pay for a parent’s wrong in such a manner is criminal in and of itself.

    I read on the RSOL web site that registrants were to be notified by mail of the pending challenge to these unconstitutional laws, although I have yet to receive one. I also would like to know what stage this lawsuit is at and who I can contact beside the ACLU to voice my concerns on this matter.

    1. I was told to call or write my representatives for the house and senate for my district, I don’t know what I would say to them…The Liaison, for that lawyer in Philly that is willing to help us, was supposed to file somethings but donations aren’t coming in so don’t know what he’s going to do at this point I did have a few since Thursday, say they was going to donate, but, will have to wait and see

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