Reform in Missouri

My story begins with my son who is ADHD, diagnosed in the 3rd grade and medicated.  He decided he didn’t need his meds at 17, and the impulsiveness increasingly got worse and worse.  Due to his immaturity socially, he ran with the younger crowd because they liked him for who he was at their maturity level.  Well, the younger crowd includes younger girls, and they thought my son was pretty cool with a car and in high school. Needless to say, the girls in a particular group were unsupervised, and we all know the sexuality of teens.  My son “made out” with a girl, consensually,  and is now in prison for child molestation for touching, no penetration.  He will be on the registry.  His psychologist who he saw for many years testified that he was not a child molester and should not be sentenced to prison.  The judge and PA in our small town are close, and my attorney was from out of town.   The PA wanted 14 years….really???? Thank God it is only 4……not fair, not fair at all!!! His life will be even more difficult than before…..anyone hear my pain…?



3 thoughts on “Reform in Missouri

  1. my son has a similar story, he was on his meds, he was attempting to live on his own. secured a job w/state assistance, everything seemed to be going well. I didn’t realize he had a “girlfriend” until his brother called and wanted to know if I had heard from him: he didn’t show up for work. He was 100% compliant with everything he was asked to do. 2 months before he was to come off the registry, Kansas changed their laws and he has to register for life. Small towns share lots of info, he is the 4th boy this girl has destroyed their life. We are fighting over the day after pill because young girls are having sex at 11 years old, yet we are sending boys to jail and registering them for life for having sex with them. This is insane!!! He is NOT a sex predator. He was an immature boy having sex with a girl at his mental equal, he will never be able to complete his dream of being a semi-truck driver….yet she has gone on with her life leaving a trail of destruction. Unless you’ve lived it, you just don’t get it.

  2. Hi, feel ya pain. And that shows another example of how messed up the laws are.
    And it also shows how the buddy system works as well. Even though I am a RSO, I do believe in the registry. My views are it should only be used for the very violent and severe multiple offenders.
    And even though I did my time and requirements and even treatment.
    Your son should have not been placed on the list, and at worst I would have sentenced him to treatment programs and made it a condition that he take his meds. AND then if he stopped his meds the punishment would revert into a prison sentence.
    That sounds more fair in my eyes then to lock him up and place him on a list.

    1. Matthew, I understand what you mean about being for the registry. It should be used for that reason and that only. That’s the way it used to be I believe, but now they just throw anyone on the registry and stick people back on it when they have done their time and haven’t recommitted. This system has been broken especially because they are violating our Constitution and their oaths that they swore to uphold. How is that legal? You know they’re not punished for violating their oaths. Well Corbett has picked up a lot of heat and is now being sued because a lot of people are losing their jobs and it is most likely due to upholding this new illegal law. I think it would be a perfect time for the ACLU to start firing some shots.

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