Just Don’t Understand

My son was arrested a year ago in Washington, and I just don’t understand.  My son was caught looking at child porn and went to a “share” file.  Evidently when you go to a “share” file, it downloads everything from your computer.  So he was arrested for looking at child porn, and because it went off his computer, he was put in prison for distribution.  The prosecutor kept threatening with more and more time, and also going to feds if he didn’t take the plea.

So my son is in prison for 50 months.   He is in prison in Washington, and I have been reading articles of people that have molested, raped etc, and they get less.  They say no one wants to go under this prosecutor.  And he was nasty.

I am just not understanding why there is no consistancy.  So now he is in prison and then has to be on probation for 5 years and then register.

This mother just doesn’t understand.  Just don’t know who to turn to.  Who will listen.

Thanks for any and all input.  Thanks



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  1. Wow, sad as can be. Looking at child porn is treated like molesting; of course everyone is happy to put a future child rapist behind bars. I wonder when all the raping is going to begin with all the other porn on the net. I mean if porn leads to rape, then we are all doomed because the Internet has more porn sites than anything else.

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