Life on TX sex offender registry!

I am a 39 yrs old male, happily married with a 16 months old daughter.  I have been on the SO registry for over 13 yrs.  In 1992, at the age of 18, I was convicted of sexual assault on a 17 yrs old girl and was given 5 years’ prison time which I successfully completed in April of 1997.  Since being on the registry  I was denied employment and my mail box was vandalized; I face  stigma and shame when I go to renew my driver license annually, and the license fee, I have to pay annually. I make in person reports to the local sheriff on certain days of the year annually and have  uncertain requirements of registration and the fear of arrests if I took my family on interstate travel for vacation.

I fear being arrested if I take my daughter to any prohibited parks or prohibited areas, for I am aware of the never ending  added restrictions on parks, movie theaters, bowling area, beaches…etc in a number of states. For that reason, we don’t take travel-vacations outside the state of Texas at all.   The constant fear of arrests and imprisoned if I forgot to report on the required dates. The fear of vigilants on my family from people aware my photo and address on the SO website.  The compliant checks by polices to registrant house twice  or once yearly.  During one night at or around 12:20 am, there was loud bangings at my door by police, we opened our door and was greeted by police, they stated they were doing compliant check. This loud bangings at midnight on my door scare my wife and I to death. I was supposed to be on registry for 10 yrs but was later extended to life time because of the new laws.  Thanks to the retroactive law! I have made a bad choice in the past, but I have move on and have a family of my own. If the goal of congress is to deter registrant from rehablitate and having a normal life and inflict mental anguish and poverty on registrants and their families, they have achieved that goal and far beyond! For all that I and my family have endured, how can law makers believe that the registry is not punishment and merely a civil regulatory policy? And why do we not have registry for all other violent offenders?

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