Sex offender laws

All of these sex offender laws do absolutely nothing to protect the public. Most sex offenders are children themselves, tried as adults, but children less than 18 years old. there have been no statistics to prove all these terrible sex offender registration laws help anyone. sex offenders usually offend children they know. It is the very rare, but very well publicized sex offender that actually does physical violence to a child, and rarer still, a convicted sex offender to re-offend. These sex offender registration laws just make it more difficult for a sex offender to find housing, jobs, families and such. And it makes them a target for vigilantes.

I am well informed about this, because i am a child sex offender. I molested a boy, when i was 16. I was tried as an adult and served a severe prison sentence of 8 years. Now I am older, I am also a single father now, and even to be able to care for my own child, i had to undergo humiliating tests, including having my penis hooked up to a computer while the state showed me pictures of very young children being abused. I passed all their tests, i have been a single father for many years and i have never abused my child, nor have i wanted to. You have it all wrong in regards to the typical sex offender. The typical sex offender is kind, full of romantic ideas, and very young themselves. The atypical sex offender are the ones that are publicized, that physically hurt children. The typical child sex offender would be more ruthless than you can imagine to a person that has done a child physical harm.

Nonetheless, many sex offender laws are in effect, and they publicize our crimes in a way that does not depict what actually happened. They also serve to put us and our families in danger, and yes, we have families. I am a single father myself, and there are many more parents that are sex offenders because of their past. We cannot bear arms, we cannot protect our children, because of these laws. I have been forced to use physical violence against strangers to protect my child because I am on the sex offender registry, even though I have proven with every test available that I am safe. I have proven it to the point that I have been a single father to a baby still in diapers until now, many years later. I am reluctant to give my identification, because push come to shove, i will die protecting myself and my child, even if it is against the state, as I am sure many of you would too.

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  1. My husband is in prison being with a girl who was 17 and was his girlfriend at the time and he was 21 she told the courts she was his girlfriend but they charge with statutory rape and if and when he gets out they told him he can’t live around schools or play grounds 500 ft away what about family that have kids ?? This is all bullshit I think we can’t have kids I am much older than him but can I go to my children house and see my grandkids ??? He would not come with me he would be home alone 🙁 we live in Idaho

  2. I have a son who is a wonderful provider and a great dad who is told he can never see his children again. These children have been removed from their home and mother for being in a possible unsafe environment. My so called advocate said cps THINKS I am an unsafe choice for my grandchildren because I support him being part of this family. I was told I could not be his supervisor. It has to be an outside entity. I’m pissed. I have been clean and sober for 7-and-a-half years and have multiple letters of character. Can anyone help?

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