Man’s law vs. God’s Law

Man’s law has always been to protect and serve. Yes, prevention is for everyone but when man’s law goes above the authority of God’s law who is in error and who need’s to be rebuked or corrected? Should man be corrected or should it be just passed by the wayside as a mistake in judgement. Man should always make a righteous judgement and correct one when need be. Can Police be above the true authority? While God gives Government Authority man can abuse that authority but it seems Sin authority is in law’s Authority but abuse is still abuse.
Now there have been many law’s over the past since this country became a nation. Some law’s are good for man and some law’s are frivlous. Today we have a law that is more devilish as any other law on the books. The Sex Registry and it promotes ill feelings amongst many that are caught up or entangled in some way to all this.
This Sex Registry is used as more of a curse than anything else in Governments scheme. They let others know that these people are sinner’s when they themselves are sinners. Do they have more right to enslave one when they themself are a slave to sin. They put fear in people. The only fear I want to fear, and I’m sure you all do also is God fear and judgment.
The way these police use this deceptive and devilish scheme is not only about money its about being good servants of the Lord. And yes God gives them Authority to do that but here’s the kicker they will break God’s law or commandments and at the same time, coax, seduce, entice, pressure one into meeting a fititcious gal for some type of sexual activity, all in the name of justice or all in the name of conning someone. Does man really know the thoughts of man or their actual intent.? Only God know’s that?  Sure a chat might be a bit sexual or unbecoming but your not actually talking to a teenager. That’s what they want you to know and than one falls for that. As for myself I never ask for sex and before I knew it I spoke to soon and said I bet you would like to meet me. Well we were meeting in public and even after I  clicked off the internet I realized that I had already committed myself to meet this person. I was worried weather to go or back out. I went down there hoping my cell phone would ring. I prayed real hard and sure enough it rang. She wanted to meet at another location in the park and I ask to back out but she persuaded me still. Her famous words is who were meeting in public what could happen. It is a battle and Sex is the main topic that they use with these deceptive lie’s that ensnare those that happen to stumble on all this.
Those that do these operations will battle you for days’ and wear one down untill they give in to all this. They will compell one with suggestive things like sending dirty pictures’,or if you can cam with them or anyother methods. They will badger you untill you just give in and want to meet which is their ultimate goal. What would you do if you where under this kind of interne pressuret attack?
Now common sense would tell one if they were wanting to meet a teenage gal as they suppose you wanted to meet, one would be in a teenage chat sit making there suggestive remarks and not in an adult chat room.
While Government say’s lying is alright and deceit is alright. What does God say? He says the devil was a deceiver and the father of all lies. If we all are sinners wouldn’t it be right if we had a Registry for sinners on earth. We are all going to be judged in the last days. Those that use Authority and abuse it will have a greater punishment. Does the name Hell ring a bell.  Now while  the whole world can be on a registry it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to the astute police and those that thinks they are somebody.
While I am against the registry as you can tell from this writing there are over 850,000 others that are against the registry. These people are persecuted and suffer each day. They are under a lot of strain. God’s yoke is easy and his burden is lite. Man’s yoke and burden smothers people. Yes, we all go thru tribulations. Now with the internet you wouldn’t have some of this stuff. I mean if I sin I ask God to forgive me but with man its impossible. With God all things are possible.
I would suggest everyone reading this take a look at this article and than once you think about and absorb all this article than go out and tell those judges and police officers how wrong they are. Stand up for all this. All of us has suffered enough. Are we all to wear the public shame of the registry the rest of our lives?

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