Free and Happy

Free And Happy

Little by little, each day, my little light grows dimmer.
One day my little light will just simply go out.
On that day weep not tears of despair, instead weep tears of joy.
For on that day I will be set free from all the lies, and will truly be free.
For on that glorious day those who have hurt me and sought to justify their crimes, will indeed weep tears of sadness for I will no longer be here to be punished for their crimes, and they can no longer revel in their crimes against me.
Free to be me with no perverse laws that disguise themselves as justice, holding me back from being me.
Free from all the hate and misguided souls who have been caught up in their web of lies.
I truly will be free and vindicated, for they will be left here with nothing more than their lies to gain sympathy from. There will be no one who cares about their lies anymore, but them.
How truly sad they will be.
How truly happy I will be because……
I WILL BE SET FREE on that truly glorious day!
Michael Allan Lewis Sr.
April 22 2016

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