Case Managers of the BOP

The discrimanation begins before you leave the prision. I recived a sentance of 87  months for recipet of illegal material. Through good time and a drug and alcohol treatment program I earned one year good time and 18 months off from the treatment program. You would think ” Hey thats great!” But here is the rub. Myself and other inmates earned the time off but….. the case managers would not summit the applications folder to the half way houses. We were constantly told ” That they don’t take sex offenders. When asked where we could go? I was told, “I don’t know? You have to figure it out.” One case manager was removed because of her refusal to place S.O.’s.  I was released by a Grand Prairie officer who saw what was going on arranged my release along with others.  I am truly grateful to him and his ability to see that I person who made a mistake. Not some monster that needs to be caged for life.  I lost 6 months of free time because of their efforts. Others have lost over a year of time. But this was the policy of the staff. During the in-take meeting.  The staff member stated that, “every one  would get half way house except, those that would have to stay a 1000 feet from a school.” So if any one is having trouble getting your loved one released due to the staff their is a way around them. Be diligent and polite and call Grand Prairie and tell them what is happening. They understand. Because they know what is going on. I have spoken to others with the same charges and they also ran into the wall of discrimination that operates freely within the Federal and State prison systems.

Good luck.

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  1. Yes, exactly correct. My son has been told the same thing. This will not hold up and is the beginning of the many obstacles to be encountered. Thanks for the information and keep up the fight.

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