Just one mistake

  • My offense dates back to 1988. I was a 18 year old kid with my whole life ahead of me . I found myself in a situation that I didn’t know would impact the rest of my life so far. I was accused of Indecency w/ a child a female neighbor who was 14 at the time.I didn’t have sex with her it was supposedly sexual contact. In  1990 ( July) just before my 20th birthday  I was sentenced to 5 years In the Texas Department of Corrections at that time there was no such thing as a registry. After serving not more than a year I was released on parole. In 1993 I violated my parole and was sent back to prison until 1995 and upon my release I was informed I would have to register as a Sex Offender for life @that point age 25 I had no idea of what an impact it would have on my life.I completed my parole in 1998 having gotten married and having a son living life as normal as I could being a registered Sex Offender. Fast forward to 2003 I  changed addresses without notifying my registering officer and was then sentenced to 2 years in prison for failure to comply in which I served the entire sentence(2005). That situation tore my marriage apart .Ending in divorce because of the strain of me being locked  away for 2 year which I had already paid my debt to society for. Fast forward again to 2007. I  remarried and tried to get back to some sense of normalcy and try and build  a new life I found it very hard to do my family have been forced to move from places I’ve been laid off from jobs or just wasn’t able to find employment due to being on the registry or just having this on my record. I’ve even went to pick my daughter up from school my name popped up as a Sex Offender and I was escorted to the principles office to explain the situation. I informed her to not let it have any bearing on my child’s education. I don’t want my 1 mistake to hurt my daughter she’s 10 it would kill me if it has any more impact on her than it already  has. Fast forward to 2015 I had to leave my family in search of employment because of the difficulty of finding employment my wife is a professional woman it would damage her character if her colleagues were to look on the registry and see me , anyway with me leaving my family to find work to support them I was able to find a good job finally. I registered  with the department where I was now residing everything was going smooth. I then found an even better job .Again here comes the Sex Offender registry to bite me again . I  fell to register my new employment  to the registration officer  within the 7 day grace period it didn’t help that the officer I had to register with hates anybody with the Sex Offender title no matter what the situation is .I’m on my way back to prison for failure to comply another 2 year sentence. So basically I was incarcerated for having a job . Honestly the pressure of trying to take care of my family and not going straight to my new employer and ask for a day off to go and register my new job cost me .I’m out on parole now being treated  as a horrible monster going through all the things I’ve already been through. Paying the same price all over again. I’m really afraid the slightest mistake can land me in prison for life due to this registry . I could be labeled a habitual criminal .This registry is no joke! Just know 1 mistake can ruin your life cause it has basically ruined mine.

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  1. My good friend maestro is still on here and Fred as well as others that want some closure to all this madness that those caught up in all this are going thru.
    I’m going into my sixth year on the registry with my 10 yr. probation and than my lifetime of being labeled a sex offender.
    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to go to do any jail time. Keeping one’s chin up and the different backgrounds on here of each offender is tuff.
    I am not on here much as I like to channel myself in a different area and Vicki understands.
    Sure we all can get caught up in this first time sex offender thing. These things are no picnic for some. One could even say its like a someone murdering you for your sexual thought.
    Now compare that thought with just looking at a woman in public. Sure we can all get caught up in sexual fantasies on the internet, or maybe one could look at sites they are not suppose to look at that is up to each individuals.
    Most of these internet sex sting operations are done on adult chat sites and sure if one has a sexual twinge to chat sexual to that person one really may never know how old that person is. Its a con game at best to get one to drive down to them. Its like treading a canoe one has to understand that is the main object is to get one to drive down to meet, Whether they ask for rubbers or other things that’s like icing on the cake to be used against one.
    While its scary going thru all this, its also an altering of the mind and a programing process. They will tell you that others on there may be teenagers one is talking to and use all types of scare tactics but be brave in all this as Vicki and everybody on here is here to fight for true justice.
    I know its hard my man but we all need to pull together no matter what state one lives in.
    Being labeled a sex offender is not the greatest thing in the world to ones self being and has resulted in people going a bit stir crazy to put it lightly.
    We are all weak in the sex department doesn’t one know that. Take a bad situation and turn it into a positive situation and you will be surprised what good things can come out of it. psst.. Vicki doesn’t want me to say this but a little bit of faith goes a long ways but love holds everything together. The main thing is we are all in the same boat one way or another.

  2. In some places, jurisdictions either don’t have or won’t use the manpower to staff their registration offices and rso are told yo come back tomorrow. And the arrested for failure to register.

  3. Most people will not understand registry rules until the see it first hand. I agree play with the rules but things are easy to miss when you have a 4 page rule lise that gives u 48 hours to register it. Florida is making it easier as alot of it can be done through the cyber comunication system. But imagine if every step in your life from phone numbers internet identifers, address, employment,phone numbers, car registration even a fishing license in florida. All within 48 hours. Then most are put under pressure cause u have to take of work. Im not saying he didnt make a mistake but who shlould have to live that way? HOw much longer can they punish us when our time is over?

  4. Why not follow the rules for the registry so you stop getting in trouble and going back to prison for it? It’s not like you are reoffending, but you’re not taking care of the things you need to in order to keep your nose clean. This doesn’t make sense to me. Hope you can recover. Play by the rules and this won’t happen again.

    1. No, fuck the registry rules. This man was an 18 yr old KID himself and it’s not uncommon for people with the word “teen” in their age to find romantic attraction to each other.
      Play by the rules?? What he did back in the 1980’s makes him such a bigger threat to society than the ghetto thug that runs up on you at a traffic light with a gun in his hand telling you to “get out the car!” ?? Really?
      If I were in his shoes, I’d keep making the state waste their money on me. Fuck the registry rules. And fuck the attorney or public pretender that didn’t make the court and state attorney look like jackasses for what they keep doing to him

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