Entry Denied – International Travel

By Ron…

20 years ago I plead no contest in a case of the on line undercover police seeking predators. I never touched, met, or did anything to anyone. Back in 1998, things were different. I was never put in jail or prison, I served 2 1/2 years of probation, I was not required to attend sex offender classes, or submit and blood samples to the state of Florida, There were only a few conditions placed on me, and the judge wanted me not to be part of the registry, but he had no choice since the Cop was pretending to be 14 years old. We all make mistakes in our lives, but I never thought how much my life changed. I have traveled in the past and had no problems until I arrived back in Florida. This August, I was planning to engaged to my Fiance in Colombia. I registered as by law of my trip in advance, I did everything by the book. I was actually excited to just get away. My flight was about 4 hours long, I arrived in Cali, I approached immigration there, and at first everything went great, until the swiped my passport. and then all hell broke loose, I was detained, and told I could not enter colombia, and I would be returned on the first flight back to Miami, the next day. I was able to reach my girlfriend, and told her about me not being allowed entry, and she rushed to the airport. I was placed for a little while in a room in the lounge of the airlines, my girlfriend and I were texting, and she told me that she loved me and believed in me. It was our first true meeting as we had been communicating on line for almost a year through Skype, we fell in love and just wanted to be together. In the room I was placed in there was a large glass window looking out, Natalia texted to me look forward and I looked up and standing 15 feet from me was the most amazing person in the world to me. We could not speak, we were not allowed to meet, I was not allowed outside to hold her. Where she was standing was illegal, so they made her move, so we could not see each other. I was assigned a security guard my entire time, I could not even go to the bathroom unless he stood by, There was no bed to sleep on, no blankets, I was cold, and scared. 15 hours later, I was escorted to my flight back, I was placed last to get on board. My passport was held by a flight attendant, and was told I would get it back when I landed. Every moment was an embarrassment, I planned and saved for this trip for 6 months, and in a flash it was all gone. I was sent back with a sense of disgrace. They say this is not punishment??? This is not what I plead to 20 years ago. but Nobody cares, once you are labeled, you are no longer part of the American free society, and never will be. I wanted to share this, so other know to stay away from Colombia please, you will not get in. Im hoping for a list of places I can travel with no issues. But for now, I lost everything I had on this one trip to finally hold the one person in this world, who loved me for me.

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