Juvenile S.V.P.

By Joshua…

On October, 13th 1998, I and a male friend engaged in a sexual experiment while finding a stashed pornography tape…I was 13 years old. In September 2003, when I was 18, I was arrested for Attempted Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse and charged as a Juvenile, My case was transferred because the courts felt their wasn’t enough time left for me to be rehabilitated in the Juvenile System. I entered a plea in 2004 and was sent to prison for 8 years. I was also labeled a Sexually Violent Predator under Megan’s Law 2 and now I am subject to life-time registration, counseling, and Community Notification.

I am now 35. My life is miserable, employment doesn’t come easy, landlords frown upon the community notification and my monthly counseling has turned into weekly counseling with the threat of prosecution by the state sexual offender assessment board if I don’t comply with the weekly counseling. I’m not on probation or parole, but I’m treated like it. I’ve lost relationships, friendships and people are afraid to allow me around their kids.

The question is, how dangerous can a Juvenile sexual offender be if he’s now 35 and hasn’t re offended? Why does a juvenile offender later on in life not get a second chance? Schools don’t want me and most temp services wont give me work because I’m on the registry. Do they know I was 13?

Does the legislature understand its own laws? How can you strip a person’s life before it began? These are the questions of my life, but yet nothing changes. I understand morally what I did at 13 was wrong, however does that warrant a lifetime of being put on the same footing as an actual adult sexual predator who had a life before his offense? Someone who didn’t lack a degree of culpability or engage in sexual curiosity?

Kids make mistakes. I guess mine was the biggest one of my life, because it cost me the rest of it…

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