New Mexico is My Home

By NMCowboy87

I am 33 years old and I am from New Mexico however, I committed my offence back in Oklahoma back in 2011. I had a lawyer I paid $1,000.00 in the end just to say, “Take this plea deal or you go to court it will be life with out the chance of Probation.” I was told he just glanced over the evidence and was best friends with the judge. Basically good old boys having out backwoods southern Justice.

I had to service 5 years in Prison was released to New Mexico in 2016 where I did Probation until 2019 when Oklahoma stated I was to be placed on Unsupported Probation until 2021.

I am very upset at the state of New Mexico as they require life long registry every 3 months and the problem is the registration office has moved 4 times since 2016. Also the original officer retired and was replaced in 2018 to great relief.

At this time I am living with my mother age 63 in a three room 1975 single wide trailer on my father’s farm and we are lucky for now. However, my father is going blind from insulin-dependent diabetes, have nephropathy in feet, breathing problems and the same age as my mother by just one week. I

am grateful for now to have a safe place to live and am working with a lawyer to help get off the registration in 15 years. According to law it is not New Mexico that sets my registration, it’s Oklahoma, the state I came from.

I am very hopeful I am able to get removed as I want to be able to get housing, employment, schooling, travel and not have to live solely on SSI the rest of my life.

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  1. I moved to Georgia in 2017. I had been living in South Carolina Since 1992 and had been on the registry since 2003 there. When I got out it was once a year and you had no residency restrictions. Within 4 years they had changed the frequency to every 90 days and you had to pay a fee. This is why I moved to Georgia. I was not going to reward South Carolina for how I was being treated by buying a second home there. I have an acre lot in Augusta that I will sell only to another registrant. This lot is in a nice subdivision with a golf course and I personally believe its the best looking lot in all of Augusta Georgia.
    This lot is not cheap. It is for a registrant who is successful and well funded and is looking for a State will leave him or her be. I love it here.

  2. Ah man do I feel the same, I was accused of
    an offense back in 2010 In Canada ,Im an american and I made the stuped decision to get involved with a Women there, she made accusations that I messed with her granddaughter needless to say once your accused your screwed,same type of lawyer said the same thing ,take a plea or get years ,he cowered every time he saw the prosecuter ,so I knew he wouldnt defend me ,and the worst thing I did was try to explain to the investigator what really happened , ( I talked ) i should have kept my mouth shut ,when I got out of a prison north of Toronto I headed for the border within a week ,when I arrived in Washington the sheriff told me he was making me a level 3 even though it was a level 1 in Canada ,so you have rouge cops who do what they want ,what can a guy do with no money, Im 77 and looking at another 3 years before I can petition to have my name removed from the S.O. list ,its been 7 years since i arrived home ,Im doing better Ive have a small business to suppliment S.S.I.

  3. Hey, just to help you set proper expectations, employment and schooling all can and will happen. My sentence goes back to 1999, 10 years of probation and now 11 years post-probation. Travel is becoming increasingly more difficult as time has gone by. International travel at best is super dicey and you have to choose your destinations very carefully.

    I hope you can get the registration requirement removed. I’m completely blocked by a single line in the de-registration requirements, so anything short of a miracle means I’ll be on it for my life.

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