Oregon board of parole and post prison

By Jacob . . .

So when I was 23 I was arrested for encouraging child sex abuse 2 Class C felonies x3 for downloading under age porn they told me they been watching me for 2 years . I’m gay it wasn’t easy for me to say that back at that time living in a small town it was hard to deal with that and having no one to really talk to I relied on forms and chat rooms and other boys like myself that where close to my age I was around 18 when the internet open up my world.

So at 23 I was arrested I did my time I did 8 months in county never went to prison never had any problems before or after I was out when I was in jail people started messing with me being my first time in the corrections system it was kinda crazy I seen all kinds of stuff and anyways a few people knew I was getting out and thought it would be funny or whatever if they could get me kick out of the dorm there first the attempts did not work but when I ended up with a black eye the jail pull me out and ask me about it . I was scared and didn’t know what to really do I try to tell them we was just playing around and it was an accident Cause I didn’t want anymore time and I didn’t want I didn’t want to be a snitch or anything thinking it would cause me problem to . But these people that give me a black eye drummed up false sexual harassment arrest that where drop and expunged .

Now I’m 12 years later I try to get relief from registration I’m 34 and the board put me at level 3 do to that sexual harassment arrest . Which makes it hard to do anything let alone get off the registry I’ve been trying to fix this for 2 years now . I have not been able to find help or anything I have my attorney from the original charges who wants to help me. But doesn’t want to represent me haha and when I find someone and they find out the Oregon board did it they don’t want anything to do with it . I have reach out to so many over the 2 years and no one what’s to help or they don’t know how to help cause its kinda a crazy thing. I tried to reach out to someone Civil Right attorneys and countless other attorneys and its interesting that most don’t even know what a static-99 assessment is . And they claim to be a sex crime attorney .I’m all most 37 and still working on this cause it’s only my life I’m trying to get back to normal.

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