Living in a Nightmare.

By Brian. . .

When I was 19 I was falsely charged with statutory rape in New Jersey. The accusation states that I had consensual sex with an underage girl. On the advice of my attorney, James Wronko, at age 20 I plead guilty to 2nd degree Sexual Assault. I was already serving time in prison for possession of marijuana. My attorney was a thieving criminal who told me that I would only receive “time served” if I pled guilty, instead I unknowingly received a life sentence.

At age 24 I was released from prison with nothing. I then learned to my horror that I would be on Parole Supervision for Life. Here in New Jersey, anyone convicted of a sex crime is given PSL. That means that for the rest of my life, I am owned by the department of corrections c/o the division of parole. At any time and for any reason I can be sent back to prison for 18 months at a time for “violations” such as, breaking curfew, failure to obtain a job, or drinking beer. I cannot leave the state, spend the night away from my residence, or even go out to a bar. These are not crimes, however, New Jersey parole can lock me up without any explanation or proof of any wrongdoing and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I have served over 6 years on technical violations alone since my initial release.
I am not a rapist, pedophile, or creep in any way. I am the last person who would ever rape or even harm another being. There is no way to succeed on PSL in New Jersey. Since its inception, not a single person has avoided being violated at some point. The state of New Jersey Division of Parole refuses to disclose the number of victims they currently have on PSL, however, I would guess the number to be close to 100k. The Parole Division here in NJ also has a absolutely abhorrent policy of giving Parole officers a $250 check anytime they violate a Parole giving the officers a clear incentive to violate paroles for any reason.

I am so hurt and tired now after dealing with this false accusation for the past 16 years that I am ready to give up. In prison I was violently beaten, abused, and tortured by the corrections officers in prison because they saw me as a pedophile due to this conviction, and as a result I developed CPTSD (Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). I also suffer from sever anxiety and depression.

I want to die. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. I live in an inescapable nightmare that will not end. There’s no way to express to enormity of the horror of what I am going through.
I am an innocent man and I’ve spent 16 years in prison labeled as a “sex offender”.
Outside of prison, my family has moved on without me and now I am living in New Jersey alone.

I work as a gas attendant at a service station were an employee was recently shot in the face and murdered after handing over all the money to a robber. I can’t help but think about how if it had been me shot to death then this would be over now.

I went to prison when I was 19 and they took 16 years of my life for nothing. I missed out on graduating high school, going to collage, getting a driver’s license, getting a car, getting a job, having relationships and finding a wife, having kids. I’m 34 now and I don’t know anything about life, all I know is the filth, hatred, disgust, fear, dishonesty, and evil of prison. I am ready for whatever is after this life.

They have destroyed an innocent man for no reason. God help anyone who is going through this or anything like it. I still pray everyday for my enemies because they can’t possibly realize what they are doing to me.

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