Laws Surrounding RSO’s Are Horrendous

By JS . . .

Long story short: My arrest date was 1986, assault with the intent to commit forceable rape. Ultimately, convicted during the second trial and sent to prison on circumstantial evidence.

Upon my release date from prison in 1992. I went on to succeed and thrive in business. I was in middle management with a fortune 10 company and was repeatedly awarded and recognized for outstanding achievements and leadership.

I accomplished immediate and immense success in business, got married to a top real estate agent and we enjoyed an amazing lifestyle residing in a beautiful master planned, gated, golf community. We were building a real estate portfolio and businesses, and life was good.

Then the 2008 housing crash materialized the perfect storm. Real estate and my business was abysmal, as it all started to unravel.

My attempts to apply for employment from my previous employers were rejected. The very same employers where i once thrived and was acknowledged for outstanding merit, and awarded and recognized as the number sales manager of the entire country. Completely gone forever.

By this time the internet was more prevalent and “back-ground” checks were now a policy requirement for employment. Deemed a violent predator, and officially branded and cast aside from any employment opportunities, housing and or obtaining a professional license due to my derogatory back-ground of moral turpitude.

Am now at my “wits’ end.”

Scrambling to bring in revenue – we decided to buy a restaurant. For our peace of mind i decided not to be part of the restaurant purchase for all the above referenced reasons.

On one faithful morning during escrow when the restaurant was about to close my poor ex-wife was violated merely for being my spouse. At the 11th hour, she was disqualified from obtaining a type 41 beer and wine license and her application was subsequently denied.

By 2012, it all finally crashed. I lost everything … a lost decade later, am still at “wits’ end.” It is beyond belief and nearly impossible to navigate all the road blocks at every turn.

How is it humanly reasonable to be employed one decade earlier around outstanding intelligent people including attractive, smart, sexy women and not be allowed back in a decade later?

I mean murders get out of jail for taking people lives, and white collar criminals are widespread.

And finally, i am not defined by my past conviction. I am defined my my struggles, rejection, hard aches, the betrayals, the rumors, the paranoia – the empty back account and all the lonely nights working for redemption.

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  1. I was convicted 1989 in nj..did a juvenile.moved to virginia for fresh start.worked on military bases for 12 years until I was to be character witness in roommates murder trial and 2 weeks before trial was arrested for not registering.i had never registered and passed 50 background checks..I .guees defense team alerted state of my past.I still have no record in nj..they destroyed all juvenile records when sentenced as first time youth n.j….virginia does not agree.Any thoughts or suggestions..Getting older now.tired of this B.S. Ready to just open carry and may the chips land where they may.

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