Police Assist Suicide

By Jason . . .

I’m writing this letter because I do care about the safety and welfare of children not spreading hate and fear and I believe no one is above the law. The information in this letter WILL educate and arm new parents on who is going to hurt your kid and expose an underground illegal entrapment sting that the police have been doing for decades. Please understand that I’m not against the police like everyone else. I think we need laws in society. I’m against police vigilantism and police assisted suicide which I was a victim of 20 years ago and still am today. I’m a 44 year old married man and yes, I am a level one sex offender because I did have a sexual encounter with a minor 20 years ago. I’m 100% wrong for taking advantage and understand there was no excuse for what I did, but there is an explanation. She was my sisters’ babysitter, I had just left a bad marriage and moved in with my parents. She had a teenage crush on me for months, she looked and acted older than she was and like an asshole, I fooled around with her ONCE, no one got hurt and I still feel bad about it to this day but my sister and her boyfriend broke up and as a revenge tactic he called the cops on me. So out of fear and shame I tried to lie to my lawyer and said I didn’t do it. This is where the story starts. I want to be very clear EVERYTHING in this letter is the TRUTH and I will reveal at the end of this letter how I have this top echelon police information. I don’t want to have this information, Probably the only person on the planet that is not a cop that has it, but I do and have to let the public know the truth.

You have to think back when the public and law enforcement was becoming more informed of sex crimes, since people used to hide it, and they were trying to figure it all out, my guess is around the 70s. Law enforcements job is to arrest criminals and make sure they have enough evidence to prosecute them in a court of law. At this time there was no DNA, no cameras and no social media so the evidence in sex cases was small to none. Most of them are “he said she said” cases. So, the cops would put the guy in court and he would lie and say, “I didn’t do it.” He would get a bunch of character witnesses saying what a good person he was and most of the time they would not be charged due to the lack of evidence. This obviously angered the police, so instead of trying to change the laws to help with this problem they decided to take the law into their own hands. A lot of tax dollars, time and effort, within the police department was put into entrapping people, who they believe might be a pedophile, assisting these people in killing themselves and then delaying their health care, posing as a doctor to interrogate you into admitting your attempted suicide, create a bait plea and make fake statements on innocent men. Sounds crazy I know but this is what they came up with and this is how they do it.

Like I said, I was 100% wrong for what I did 20 years ago and believe we need the sex offender registry and it disgusts me that I even have to write this letter but no one is the same person they were in their early 20s, are you? When they get a suspect with a young victim they of course want to see if the guy is a someone that just made a mistake or is he an assumed pedophile. So, what they do is catch the suspect off guard and pick them up and say, ‘we need to talk to you at the station.”, but don’t tell you what it’s about. They say we’ll tell you when we get there. The reason why they do this is to see if you’re going to try to lie. Most people lie to the police and their used to it so they offer a lie detector test. If you’re lying you don’t want to take a test. Now the suspect needs a lawyer and the police want to see if you’re going to lie to your lawyer too. They know if he’s lying to the lawyer by the way the lawyer answers the charges by saying “we’re ready for the grand jury”. No lawyer would put a guilty man in the grand jury, it’s unethical. So now they want to see if you’re lying to your family so they go ask a family member or friend to see if they think you did it. I was lying to everyone and they knew it so then they say we’re going to arrest you if you don’t surrender. They do this to make sure they can’t get sued for a false arrest. But I did surrender because I didn’t want to go through an arrest. When you are charged with a felony sex crime, the law says you must stay in jail for 5 days to see if there is any evidence or other victims. When you go to jail, they put you in protective custody with all the other sex offenders. When I was there, I was in such denial that I was telling everyone that I didn’t do it. That’s exactly what the cops want. When I was there a guard said to me your best bet is to not say a word from here on out. I think he was trying to warn me but I didn’t listen. Then while talking to the other people in there they were all talking about not taking a no jail plea. I had no idea what they were saying 20 years ago but I do now.

When I got out of jail after the 5 days, I was nervous because I had this big charge on me and I was holding this lie that I didn’t want to get caught for it. The cops know this so what they do is give you a far- out court date so you can stew in your guilt. Then they set up their illegal underground entrapment sting. Now I had a high school friend that was around when this happened. Let’s just say is name is “Brian”. I gave the cops his name and number because he was around and I thought it would help me. This is where the entrapment comes in. First, they told Brian not to tell me he ever spoke with the cops and to serve me a question. Not sure how they did it in other cases but I think it’s similar to this situation. So, when he came over to my house, I was already becoming paranoid because he told me he didn’t speak with the cops on the phone and I thought it was odd because why wouldn’t the cops talk to the only lead in a serious case of this matter. In my mind, I thought the cops put a wire on him and he was told to get me to confess but that’s not what he was there for. Now I’m paranoid and we are talking about the case and how scared I was when he turned to me and mentioned two mutual friends and said “Dan” is a bum, “Dennis” is a drug addict and you’re a ….. I said “I’m a what? He looked down at the ground and shook his head slowly. I said again, “I’m a what?” but he said nothing. So I said “ “I’m not a fucking child molester! You were there and you saw how she was acting. She wasn’t acting like a typical teenager she was all over me!” Believe it or not that’s all the police want to hear. There was some kind of study done that they believe anyone that says it must be one. I have been to many psychiatrists, sex therapists and psychologists trying to find out why they believe this. I urge you to do the same. All of them pretty much didn’t believe me and said they would testify to it in court that it’s not a way to prove anything except the guy thinks his friend is implying that he is one but one of the best answers I got from a therapist was, let’s say you and “Brian” were watching football and he said “Dan is a soccer player, Dennis is a hockey player and you’re a”…… that person would say “what am I, a football player?” It’s based on what the topic of discussion was at the time. I said o.k, why do the cops think it? The therapist said “I don’t know why the cops think that. I believe anyone in that position would answer that question that way.” If I was to find ONE professional that agreed that this is a correct way to find out if someone was a pedophile, I would be first in line to say, “I need help and ask for it” if it was proof that I was a danger to any child.

Now the real fun starts, the main goal is to increase paranoia as much as possible until the point of suicide. Here’s how these so- called good guy cops do it. First, they disconnect and reconnect your car battery in the middle of the night to reset the clock in the radio, so you think the car is bugged. At this point, you start watching the news cause you think that maybe you would hear something about you. Believe it or not, they used to contact the news and have them run on the info bar at the bottom of the screen things like child molester found but never give a town. They know you are watching and it will add to your paranoia. They can’t do that one anymore because of social media, remember this was 20 years ago when all you had was tv and no cell phone and the internet was new. Today they don’t need the news to perpetuate this fear since they can do it other ways. So, now the person thinks police are after him. Your family will all think you’re going crazy. Then some- how they intercept a phone call and whisper things like “we know” and “were after you” needless to say at this point nobody believes you and look crazy. That’s what they want. Now the last part is the most messed up part of this but it is absolutely true. They have a guy who stands kind of far but close enough for eye contact and when you see him. he starts shifting his head left to right really fast. In your paranoid state of mind, you think it’s a cop and he’s looking for you. It seems funny to think about it now but it happened to me. I ran in the house and took a whole bottle of pills. This is why I call it police assisted suicide. They are assisting you in killing yourself over the guilt of the lie. So, my ex-wife found me later and called an ambulance. The cops are completely aware you are most likely not going to die and going to the hospital. This is all part of the sting.

As a double check that you’re not going to the hospital for a stomach virus or something they delay your ambulance and set up at the hospital. They tell the doctor that this is a police matter and to allow them to pose as a doctor illegally and then interrogate you when you first arrive at the hospital. They want to make sure you attempted suicide and after you admit it you never see him again. Now I know this sounds crazy to ask a doctor that took an oath to help sick people, step aside and allow this to go on. That doctor must feel bad that he broke his oath but they say that magic word “pedophile” and people instantly go to hate, which I understand if I was one but I AM NOT one. I am not a threat to children or anyone. I am going to digress for a moment. Actually, the truth is, the person you CURRENTLY know trust and love, that does not have a criminal record, is the person who is most likely to abuse your child. Think to yourself right now…who abused you? Was it a stranger or was it someone you knew trusted and loved? My guess is the latter. Think about this for a moment; the public trusts men that surround themselves with children like priests, gymnastic coaches, karate coaches and boy scout leaders. I am not trying to judge people I don’t know but history has shown that men in these positions have been linked to many abuse cases. If any parent is reading this right now and takes anything away from this letter, take the advice that a sex class psychiatrist told me. If you want to fix the problem of child molestation, you have to educate the public and let them know that they need to worry about the people that haven’t been caught yet, not the sex offender next door with a onetime situation like mine. It has become a witch hunt, and myself and others like me, are being lumped into a group with 2% of the population that have actually done serious sex crimes. Doctors need patients, teachers need students and cops need criminals. With the recidivism rate of sex crimes being the lowest of any other crime, they use the sensitive nature of this crime to breed as many criminals as possible.

So, the next day as a cocky move on their part like ha-ha, you just tried to kill yourself and we know it so here’s some relief in the form of a “no jail probation plea” and they drastically reduce the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor. This throws off lawyers who are not in the know, they are confused but want to get it over with for their client so they say take the plea. Now this plea deal is real but they have other plans for you. While all this is going on, they illegally approach neighbors and try to get them to make a fake statement, which is not an easy thing to do because no parent wants to do it but they first agree because they use that magic word and they want to help. However, in the end they back out, which is the very same reason I have this information which I will explain at the end of this letter. You have been warned from the other people in jail but you reluctantly take the plea due to your lawyer’s advice. You think it’s over since they have accomplished what they wanted which is minimal victim impact and no one wants to go to trial. This way they always get the same result. The parameters of sex offender probation are that you must pay for and complete an intense weekly group therapy class for the entire length of probation. Also, something that the public is not aware of is that a judge requires you to take a sexual history polygraph test to complete the class. You must pay for and pass this polygraph test. This test will determine what you are sexually attracted to and anything you have done sexually. If you do not pass this test, you will not get off probation. If it revels any other victims, you will get another charge. I passed it on the first try 20 years ago. Another thing required is you can’t be around any minors without a family member that is approved by the court and the usual no use of drugs or alcohol. This is the tricky part of the cop’s sting. Since the cops have such a hard time getting someone to go along with a lie about the suspect to help their sting, they came up with another idea. What they want to do is start up the paranoia again and how they do this might sound crazy but every word is true. Feeling that the worst is behind you, and you think it’s over, they arrange another sting but this time they want to make you break probation rules and put you in a situation around a minor so they can make a false statement on you. I’m going to say it again so EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS the police department makes up victims on innocent men because the public may think one victim could be a mistake but 2 victims is a problem. You may think they wouldn’t risk putting a person who had a recent sex offense around a minor but they know the truth, that its someone you know trust and love that’s going to abuse your child and there is no risk. (I understand bait cars cause the person steals the car and selling drugs to an undercover you did the act) but to make a false statement on an innocent man and call yourself the good guys is down- right evil. I’m not sure how they did it in other cases but in mine they illegally approached a woman that worked in the same building I did and coerced her into asking me if I could do work at her house, making sure to mention that she had kids.. (The cops love to do that.) Now the suspect has just been through an awful ordeal and wants to get on with his life and is not quite used to the probation rules and they know that. It was a cleaning job and I told her that I don’t do one time cleaning and that I only take new weekly customers. She assured me that she wanted a weekly service. I went there alone but then I noticed her children were playing in the backyard. I thought to myself this might not be a good idea due to the terms of my probation so I finished and left immediately. The job was well done. A couple of days later I saw her in hallway and said see you on Monday but she abruptly said no I don’t have the money since I have to pay for my kid’s college. This now starts the paranoia all over again because you know you didn’t do anything so why the sudden change. Then you start thinking that it is strange for her to do that and you remember that kids were in the backyard and that could break the rules of probation…This is why people run. So, now they want to make you think the cops are after you again so, believe it or not, they put a cop car near your work or home and when you see it, they turn the lights on and drive away. This happened to me about 8 times, they also illegally approached a contractor at the same building and coerced him to mention to me that he knew I was arrested. I was a United States Marine and served this country honorably for 4 years, so the contractor started a conversation in the hall out of nowhere and said you were a marine right? In my head I was like how does he have this information. Then, before I could think he said “what about that girl you molested.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I said how did you know? He said the news…. my case got no news coverage. This is where my case differs from the average. Even thou I was confused and scared, I knew I was innocent so I didn’t run from probation but most, if not all, run because they believe the cops are after them and they are but no one will believe you because cops can’t break the law right? When they run and miss probation a warrarnt goes out for their arrest they find you and say this is why he ran and a false statement that you cannot fight comes out of nowhere because you look guilty and you tried to lie the first time so who is to say you’re not lying now.

All of this is very illegal and immoral but they don’t care they want to get the bad guy so much they will break state and federal laws to do so and justify their actions with well I’m a cop. Just because you represent the law doesn’t mean your above it. I have been to too many lawyers with this information and they all listen, agree and say we can’t help you. You would think that telling lawyers that cops assist people in suicide (which is murder by the way) that someone would help. I guess it’s like the priests molesting children if you would have heard 20 years ago that priests were doing that and the churches were covering it up you would say no way that’s blasphemes… only until all the people came forward and now its common knowledge. Now this is the part where I tell you how I have this information. About 25 years ago I was up late watching T.V. I saw a broadcast which has now become my reality. Remember 25 years ago there were no cell phones or DVR’s, just regular old T.V. I didn’t have a VCR just a T.V. and I saw this broadcast. It was a one- time, last ditch effort by the cops to inform the public about what they do and asking the public to lie for the police department because they have such a hard time to get people to lie for them that’s why the other sting came about. The broadcast explained everything I described in this letter. The broadcast showed a detective being interviewed by a reporter. The last question she asked was “aren’t you ruining it by doing this broadcast what if someone you do this to sees this?”, he said were not worried about them unless they record it but they probably won’t he looked at the camera and said “no one is ever going to believe you” because it is so far- fetched but they like it like that, cause the crazier stuff they do the crazier you look. I have been dealing with this for 20 years so why now write this letter and inform the public of the truth, well the simple answer is I made forward progress in life and bought a house 5 years ago and they found out and they want to run me out of town with lies and intimidation. Here’s how they do it, first when they found out the next day they broke my wife’s side view mirror on her car, they like to break stuff to deliver a message from the corrupt police department which is “we’re watching you and were angry”. They are angry because they wanted me to do jail time and the sting didn’t work on me because I have this information. Since then, it has been nonstop harassment for 5 years. They call my homeowners insurance every year and lie about me so the company either drops you or raises you so high you have to get another company. They illegally approach my mailman and stole my mail which was just bills but they want to do anything to destroy your life because they are criminal breeders not cops. They will watch where you use your debt card like a deli and go there and lie to the business owner so the next time you walk in there, they will treat you like a piece of shit and start talking about their kids because they were told to do this by the cops. If I use a contractor, they will intercept them and they will do a bad job or none at all. They forced my mechanic, who I have been using for years to do a shit job on my car. Now you think I would go yell at the mechanic but I know it’s not his fault. I have a list of about 50 things they have done but I’m not going to talk about everything but to the illegally approached you were caught off guard and say well it’s the police and I can’t do anything. If you want to help a kid you can take this letter to a lawyer and say I was illegally approached and forced to spread hate and fear to an innocent man by the police and sue them and give the money to your kid. Or do nothing and be part of a hate crime. But as long as the “good guy police department” is orchestrating it its ok?

In closing, I would like to say, think about the type of person it takes to do all these horrible things and have the nerve to call themselves “the good guy police”. The number one reason for cop death is still suicide. If a doctor, lawyer or teacher’s, number one reason for death was suicide, you wouldn’t trust them with your health, legal advice or children, so why trust the cops with your safety? Look at all the wrongful convictions that came out when DNA became available, and the cops are never wrong? Studies and public opinion don’t ever change? They use to raid gay clubs and say they were dangerous around children. Now gays can marry and have or adopt kids, let’s talk about BLM movement… Cops have been breeding criminals with black people in this country since the beginning. What makes you think sex offenders are any different. This country locks up more people in jail then any other country in the world. I’m not saying all cops are bad but not all sex offenders are pedophiles. If someone hurts a child, I believe you should go to jail and be on a list but police assisted suicide is a real thing and when the other people they did this to read this and come forward, maybe then you will question the next time you judge a man for something you know nothing about if you are ever illegally approached to trap an assumed pedophile. There’s another group of people in this country that spread hate and fear through it to people they don’t know… it’s called the KKK. Finally, if you do think it is ok for our justice system to try to murder a man with no judge, jury or executioner, that’s fine with me just take every bible out of every court room and know that hate is alive and well in America.

“Any society that would give up a little libertyto gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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