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Concerning “Sex Offender” Laws

I, George Schmidt, am writing for federal inmate Robert Dobbertin. He says: The new “Justice Act” that congress is debating would be a great thing if passed. It would finally give federal inmates the 15% off for good-time that was supposed to be done years ago. That alone would cut my sentence by 70 days. However, there is a part of this bill that is tantamount to idiocy. In it there is a provision where an inmate can earn up to 33% more good-time per year by participating in certain programming. However, as you can guess, sex offenders (along with Terrorists and murderers) are excluded from this benefit. This seems to be a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution because it singles out certain groups for different (detrimental) treatment. First. I do not think a majority of sex offenders should be classified along with terrorists and murderers. That alone is an insult to those of us who…

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