Concerning “Sex Offender” Laws

I, George Schmidt, am writing for federal inmate Robert Dobbertin.

He says:
The new “Justice Act” that congress is debating would be a great thing if passed. It would finally give federal inmates the 15% off for good-time that was supposed to be done years ago. That alone would cut my sentence by 70 days. However, there is a part of this bill that is tantamount to idiocy. In it there is a provision where an inmate can earn up to 33% more good-time per year by participating in certain programming. However, as you can guess, sex offenders (along with Terrorists and murderers) are excluded from this benefit. This seems to be a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution because it singles out certain groups for different (detrimental) treatment.

First. I do not think a majority of sex offenders should be classified along with terrorists and murderers. That alone is an insult to those of us who are “hands-off” and never physically hurt anyone.

Second. Their “fix” for this is to offer more commissary visits, more phone time or more visiting time. Of course this means you would have to have MORE MONEY to spend on those things. So, while drug offenders, fraud cases and every other type of federal inmate is getting time off for good behavior and for working to better himself, sex offenders are further punished. We are all expected to to complete programming each year like R-DAP and R-SOTP, but we will be ineligible for more good time.

Considering the STATISTICS which show that we have the LOWEST recidivism rate and that that rate goes down with treatment , you would think they would be eager to offer time off to us so as to free up space for the truly violent.

I am growing increasingly frustrated that all efforts are focusing on child pornography only, and nothing is being done for the “hands off” crimes.

3 thoughts on “Concerning “Sex Offender” Laws

  1. I researched nudist community bc I wanted a lifestyle change to where I don’t have to worry about the way I look. And now am being charged with possession of child pornography and there was nothing pornographic about it.

  2. I completely agree with you. As a Mom who’s son is incarcerated for 10 years for a “hands off” internet crime only. I fail to see how long term incarceration with absolutely no therapy plus the fact you will receive no “good time” will help. If you’re a drug dealer, extortionist, or robber you can get therapy, your prison time lessened and then when you get out! You may have a short probation period-and off you go! Sex offenders on the other hand, do their whole time, pay restitution and then go on to LIFETIME SUPERVISION. They will always pay for the rest of their lives! We do live in America, right??

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