A Juvenile Mistake

originally posted 7/2012

I was charged with a CSC crime when I was 17, it’s on my Juvenile record.  But I still have to register as a Sex Offender.  I got my charge in Michigan & I failed to register like on my 1st time to re-register so I got a misdemeanor for that.  Fast forward to 10 yrs later,  I now live in Virginia.  Here, I register monthly & let them know where I’m working.  I lost a total of two jobs in VA due to the Trooper coming to my job to verify my employment.  He came in full uniform and stated he was from the Sex Offender Department.  On a background check my crime does not show up but my failure to register does.  I talked to the Trooper;  he told me they have to physically verify Sex Offenders’ employment.  So that led me to not report my working.  I have a family now & each time I did report it I lost my job.  Three later it caught up with me.   I received another failure to register.  I’m no felon.  I can vote & all.  But the struggles I deal with in day to day living are crazy.  I can’t go to school functions or parent conferences.  In my community I had my Sex Offender profile taped on mailboxes & stop signs.  Some young kids at the bus stop were calling my kids sex offenders & pedophiles.  My wife had to start taking them to school daily.  I’m trying to get my record fixed if that’s possible.  It’s just super hard to cope & find employment, all over a juvenile mistake.   I see murderers & drug dealers with jobs.  And I can’t even get & keep one.  Let me remind you I don’t have a felony; not on probation.  My crime was in 2002.  I need help.

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  1. Lifetime Sexual Offender Registration, for a person based off of a Juvenile Offense Violates the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution, because it places a Juvenile on the same footing as an adult for the purposes of Sentencing… I was also in your situation… I was 13 years old, and when I was 18 years old I was charged and sent to prison for 8 years and made to register, attend monthly councling, and be subject to community Notification for life under Pennsylvania’s version of Megan’s Law 2… Moving forward almost 18 years later, Pennsylvania no longer makes Juveniles Register as Sexual Offenders, you may want to seek State Habeas Corpus Relief, and apply a challenge to your Sexual Offender Registration Requirements… On January 21st of this year my registration requirements were barred, as Unconstitutional, your can be also… Laws have changed, kids are treated different, even years after the fact, I did it you can also… Seek legal help, trust me it’s worth it…

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