Non-Felon Register

I am currently a 25 year old male registrant of the Sex Offender list. I was charged in 2009 when I was 21 with a Class C Misdemeanor of Child Molestation for having a relationship with someone who was 16 years old. We met through work and had dated for several months. After meeting her family, everything seemed fine until one day things suddenly turned upside down. I was originally accused of rape, but the doctor the parents took their daughter to said there was no evidence of sex at all. Her parents, not being too happy with this, still wouldn’t let up, and this led to the courts filing the charges of the misdemeanor.

2012  and court was finally settled. I was given shock time and two years of probation, which I have no problems with. I did do something I shouldn’t have by having a relationship with her, and I accept those consequences. But what I don’t like about it at all is having to register as an S.O. and basically never having a job unless the company has neglected of performing a background check. I’m in no way condoning what I’ve done or what others have done, but to register with a misdemeanor is, in my honest opinion, seriously ridiculous because no hiring manager will look at the circumstances, just at the registry and make the call rejecting my application.

I can’t find work and can’t help to pay any bills. It just makes me feel even worse than I already do by not being to support myself or my loved ones and must rely on others.




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