Texas teen facing long sentence

Original post date: 17.06.2008 Jean Ponzanelli was in court yesterday. His attorney asked the judge to reset his hearing on the writ. The attorney is asking the court to allow Jean to withrdraw his plea based on the immigration issue. The judge said he would reset the hearing for 7/2/08 as he doesn’t see the … [Read more…]


My son is just stupid. He had a camera in his bathroom that was motion activated. His stepdaughter found herself on the internet one night and her mother jerked up the computer and took it to the cops.  He had friends that had been stealing stuff out of the bathroom for years and had finally … [Read more…]

Separated for life

I met a very sweet loving woman in Manila Philippines in 2008 and revisited her 7 times and was married in 2010 with dreams of being together forever here in the USA. Now the USCIS will not allow me to bring my wife to the United States because I’m on the registry in Alabama. Also … [Read more…]