A sibling’s crime

A couple years a ago my sibling had been convicted of molesting my two children, hes spending the next 10 years in jail. About a year later I had a knock at my door during a dinner party with friends, it was the police. They wanted to look at my computers and any other computer equipment that I had, I handed over everything, they said they were looking for a Dell computer which was owned by my sibling and that I didn’t have. Although they did get a computer that my sibling had used and apparently downloaded images to. I was arrested for possession of child pornography I attempted to explain that the images weren’t mine that I had never even knew they were there they wouldn’t listen. I was ordered to take a psycho-sexual evaluation. I thought this was my chance to prove that I was innocent, they sent me to the same evaluator a Dr. Surbeck (spelled wrong I’m sure). that my sibling went to, an obvious conflict of interest, I was assigned a conflict attorney due to the fact that the Public Defenders officer had defended my sibling they weren’t allowed to defend me as well it was a conflict of interest, although it was ok for the same so-called Doctor to perform the psycho-sexual eval. I pointed out to my “attorney that there was a conflict of interest with the evaluator but it was ignored. When I got the results of the Eval it said the most dreadful horribly biased opinions, obviously her decision was based off the results of my siblings eval. My “attorney told me i either accepted the plea for 90 day incarceration, 6 months home monitoring and 7 years probation along with 15 years registration or I was looking at 3-6 years prison. I chose the plea as anyone would.
Im now serving the last 30 days home monitoring. Im forced to take a group therapy, the facilitators intimidate, and insult us I was told that I have to submit to a polygraph and I will most likely fail which will get me kicked out of the group which is a probation violation, putting me in jail. In my opinion is entrapment, if I fail a test which ist even admissable in court gets me kicked out and they put me in jail for it. All for a test whcih is unreliable and unethical. When I attend the session they force everyone to admit to crimes weve never commited and they tell us if we dont we will be removed from the group, or that we will fail the polygraph with the same result.
After the 90 days in jail I had a job lined up that Ive worked at for the last 2 years, I was told that all I need to do is get a letter from my employers and there wouldnt be a problem, I was denied my right to work by my probation officer, he stated that I couldnt work there because he was unsure of my access to minors, I work at a seasonal rensissance faire in the pubs ( the District attorney granted a delayed report date so I could finish up the season, the Judge allowed it) yet he wont, I contacted my attorney who did nothing. I also informed my P.O. that I attend church on Sundays, that was also denied. (This is while Im on the monitor) Now Ive been refused the right to work and religous liberty, which is against my constitutional rights, can I get help somewhere ….no none.
Im off the monitor in 20 soms days. I was asked if I would be going to work at the Faire for the last 3 weekends of the faire. I stated I wasnt sure I was told I need to ask permission from the therapy group facilitators, Im not on home monitoring, Im not in jail, yet they want me to ask permission to work, to go to dinner with family, to go to church. If I refuse this so-called therapy stated that I refuse to abide by the treatment of the therapy and I will be removed from the group….A violation of probation and a one way ticket to jail. They are bullying, intimidating and blackmailing me to do as they say, to run my life and theres nothig I can do about it.
I so want someone to help me but who? Ive never hurt anyone in my life in fact Ive been an EMT for over 15 years (which was revoked) all Ive ever done is help people, this is the first time I cant help myself. All I want is to get past this and put my life back together and the people that are supposed to help people, ignores me.  How is that these people can put a person through hell and violate a persons right in the name of Justice and it ok?

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