Novelist looking for subjects to interview

Hello, everyone.

My name is Amanda. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing and I am currently working on my master’s thesis in creative writing at SNHU.

My thesis is a three hundred page fictional novel with a sex offender as the main protagonist.  As I head into the revision stage, I’ve gone over my current text and realized, unfortunately, that the only thing I really know about sex offenders is from what I’ve seen on television. I know this is inaccurate.  So my next phase is to reach out and interact with those who can tell me what it’s really like; to fill in the blanks or correct the information that the media, and therefore, the general public gets wrong about registered sex offenders in today’s society.

I find this forum fascinating and informative and would love to open a dialogue with anyone who would like to be “interviewed” about what it’s like being a RSO on a day to day basis.  Tell me everything. What do you have to worry about on an average day that someone not on the registry wouldn’t understand? What steps did you have to take when you were first released from the correctional facility, or, if never incarcerated, after your arrest and you were first put on the registry.  How much of your own money have you had to spend because of your status?

I am especially interested in hearing from anyone from Washington State, but any and all information from any state or walk of life would be invaluable.

Thank you all in advance.

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