Help me please!

I really need some help, advice or something. My husband was accused of touching my 14-year-old sister in December, 2014. She was living with us and very rebellious. When he tried to lay the law down as a father figure she wanted him out of the picture. I went with my gut feeling that he didn’t do this. He was charged with child molestation. With the way society is today he didn’t want to risk prison for 25 years and took a plea deal of 10 years probation in September, 2015. Charges he pled to were two counts of sexual battery against a minor under 16. I become pregnant in May, 2015 and should give birth to our baby in two weeks. We have not been able to get in to see the judge to get permission for him to be around our daughter yet. I need to know if they can actually keep him from his biological child and force us apart? Please someone help me/us. I don’t know what to do and I’m freaking out to the point I have sent myself into early labor which doctors were able to stop. I feel like I have no one to talk to because everyone has labeled him a child molester. PLEASE! If anyone can give me advice or guidance I would appreciate it.

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