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In Relationship with RSO. Seeking Advice.

By Ella… I am currently in a relationship with a person on the registry in Maryland and we are seriously considering starting a family. I want to make the most informed decision I can and I would love to talk to people who may be in a similar situation. I so badly want to make the right decision, and want to hear as many perspectives as I can. My boyfriend was convicted of distributing child pornography 15 years ago because he had a server that was used to share music and movies (like Napster) but he didn’t realize people were putting child porn onto it. He is a Tier 2, meaning his total time on the registry is 25 years. When he was first placed on the registry it was only 10 years but then Maryland changed the law to make it 25. He completed his probation years ago, so he is allowed to be around children, but of course…

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Harassed by PO in New Mexico

By Paul . . . Okay, so my case involved a seventeen-year-old. I understand there are some real predators out there and I purposely work with the elderly to avoid the impropriety of being around potential victims. Why does my PO contact my clients and tell them I am a predator and a bad man. Telling them they are in danger even though I only work by referrals, I will answer their questions truthfully. I do not disclose my status as a sex offender or that I’m on parole unless I am specifically asked or required to disclose it. I created my own business find my own clients I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m 100℅ reliable and still my PO tries to interfere with my job. She knows that i cannot get a regular job but she insists that I must get a nine to five. I created my own business have a business registration pay taxes etc. all legit…

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Outed on Social Media

By Sona . . . I am a therapist treating sex offenders on probation and parole. I have a client who recently tearfully told me that several people are posting his registration photo and information on Facebook and harassing him in this way. He is not allowed on social media and cannot respond to this harassment. Friends have told him about the posts and I was able to find one of them fairly easily. I’ve been thinking about ways I can intervene but so far every idea I have is loaded with potential hazards.

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What can we expect?

Hello all.. I’ve been reading through your posts and first want to say I’m so terribly sorry for all of the things you’ve had to deal with. I never really thought of it until meeting my boyfriend who is now serving time in a military confinement for downloading a zip file that held child pornography. We met during his investigation, he stole my heart and now we have been trying to navigate life for a little over a month since he’s been in confinement. It’s hard. It’s really hard! So my question is, what can we really expect after he serves his time? We’ve been discussing our future and he’s really worried about not being the man I need him to be (as far as being able to provide for a family). And then not to mention if we were to have children, that he wouldn’t be able to participate in their lives (going to school functions, taking them to…

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I should be off registry

What do I need to do to get my case looked at? I was convicted in 1990 & sentenced to 10 yrs on the registry. I was released by Iowa in 2005 & placed back on in 2006 because they “made a mistake”. I’ve had issues since 2008 when I was reassigned to lifetime. Can anyone help me?

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