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Banned From Home

By Christine . . . My son is a 28-year-old tier one sex off He has been living in a mobile home park with his girlfriend for one month whom is pregnant. He is not on the lease. The manager of the park Met him said she knew he has been staying there and that it is OK then found out he was a sex offender and is now banning him from the park did not offer him to fill out a application and have a background check like everybody else just specifically said he was banned from the park.

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Violation Of Due Process, You’re Not Alone!

By Michael . . . First off I will say that I do not intend to lay blame on anyone or any circumstance. Second, My intention is not to seek help because I’ve been told from time to time that help is unavailable without a price that I cannot afford. All I just want is to get my story out to those who will listen because it’s always fallen on deaf ears. In November 2013 I was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor. Even though I accidentally sent a message to a young girl that was intended for someone else, I do take full responsibility and I was willing to plead guilty. I bonded out and had a so called respectable lawyer to help in the process. September 2014 I had County Sheriff’s at my door with a warrent for my arrest. I asked what I was being arrested for and the response was ” You know…

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Removed after filing a habeas corpus

After 13 years on the registry of a 25 year sentence to the SOR Michigan by Oakland county trial court, I filed a lawsuit last July and a habeas corpus to the trial court Dec 18th, 2023 and the head county attorney emailed saying I was removed. ( and I am !)No relief yet on getting all the bogus convictions and VOID JUDGMENT removed but I expect it if they honor Michigan laws and jury instructions instead of the fraud filed by the AG..Any sting Op w/o a victim is bogus.Any home raid w/o an in person crime is bogus.Commercial activity is required in most valid prosecutions — monetary gains required using an underage real victim.Speak against your charges if you were arrested and no victim or in person crime/s occurred.File a habeas corpus after understanding this.Study the laws and jury instructions.

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By Michael . . . At 16 years old and full of hormones introduce another developing teenager into a situation where there is no one to stop either from their emotions or attractions. Yes you can deny it but the developed physical characteristics of a female have and probably always will have the attention of any young man. If the female in question is not deterred by what is appropriate or not and personal boundaries aren’t thought about then there is serious danger for both but more so for the young man. I made that mistake. It could st me two different prison sentences and some severe emotional distress from the so called therapist. Break the word therapist down as it was a compound word and that’s a more accurate description. Unwanted probing and forced suggestions are the same as any other unwanted attention isn’t it? Bottom line is I was wrong and did my time. Then the registry after…

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Registration is meant to be a lifetime punishment

By T . . . The bottom line of my story –I was convicted (plead guilty) of Criminal Sexual Conduct of the 4th degree (attempted) back in 1998 in the state of Michigan. My registration was meant to be a 25 year registration from the start. I was later classed as tier 2, still 25 registration. The events in the story happened when I was 19 years old. The story behind my conviction.When I was 19 years of age I was discharged from the US Army Reserve due to not completing HS on time. I was enlisted as a split op trainee. This mean I went to Basic before I completed my senior year of HS. During this time I was extremely active on AOL. I was into flirting and everything else that went with being a teenager. One day I got message by a random girl who liked the fact that I was an army guy. I had listed…

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From military to the registry

By Will .  . . It was September of 2008, I was working out of town for a couple of weeks, when I got a call from my wife telling me that a sex offender had been stalking my 4th and 5th grade children while they walked to school. The story my daughter told her teacher, the principal, and later the police, was that a man was slowly following them in his car as they walked the 3 blocks from our house to the neighborhood school. When the police asked her for a description, they were able to track this man, Ted, via the National Sex offender site, to this very same man that was following her and her brother that morning.I got crazy angry that day. I was so furious, I wanted to fly home, track this man down and kill him, or at the very least beat the hell out of him. I couldn’t believe the hate that…

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I refuse to be born to lose

By William J . . . I was born in 1980 in Metro Detroit , Michigan . I have two brothers 5 and 7 years older than me. My father worked in the auto industry and my mother stayed home mostly , albeit the odd job here and there, due to mental illness. The house was and still is neglected and deplorable with waist deep rotten garbage and rodent infestation. I suffered extreme physical and psychological abuse from my mother as well as sexual abuse from my brothers and other people in the neighborhood with my first memories of sexual abuse starting as young as 5 years old. I would go to school covered in filth and malnourished. I developed a stuttering problem and wet the bed until I was I was 13. The nightmare didn’t just end at home with my mother. At school I was bullied and teased mercilessly , as were my brothers. I was bullied even…

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By Eric . . . My story begins about 2018 when I saw a news special about a girl whose father had been raping her. Her father was a police officer. Before this, I had never thought twice about sex crimes. Never looked at child porn. Never had a longing for it, which remains to this day. After viewing this interview which had the victim, who was now an adult telling her story I started to do internet research on the crime. Well, needless to say, up pops all these sites that have the actual footage on them. So, dumbass that I am, I start clicking, and clicking, and clicking. It became an obsession as I was shocked by everything I had found and that it was so easily available. I just clicked away. Yes I had child porn on my computer (crime). I never shared it, it was always locked away behind passwords. In June of 2019 I was…

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It Never Ends

By Jeffrey DeVore . . . This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever written. While I’ve told parts of this story in verbal or written form to some family members and to friends, I’ve never felt the freedom to be brutally and daringly honest—because there’s never been anyone who gets what it’s like having served time and then being on the registry. Family, friends, do their best to understand, but they can’t get it—through no fault of their own. My conditions forbid me to associate with any felons, no matter the charge, which leaves me feeling isolated, lonely, and not-gotten. While I’m not allowed to associate with any of your readers on the registry, I don’t know you, we have no means of contact, I don’t know who’s reading this, so I’m not associating. I am so grateful to NARSOL for providing this format, and just as I have resonated with and wept over your “Tales”, so my hope…

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Laws Surrounding RSO’s Are Horrendous

By JS . . . Long story short: My arrest date was 1986, assault with the intent to commit forceable rape. Ultimately, convicted during the second trial and sent to prison on circumstantial evidence. Upon my release date from prison in 1992. I went on to succeed and thrive in business. I was in middle management with a fortune 10 company and was repeatedly awarded and recognized for outstanding achievements and leadership. I accomplished immediate and immense success in business, got married to a top real estate agent and we enjoyed an amazing lifestyle residing in a beautiful master planned, gated, golf community. We were building a real estate portfolio and businesses, and life was good. Then the 2008 housing crash materialized the perfect storm. Real estate and my business was abysmal, as it all started to unravel. My attempts to apply for employment from my previous employers were rejected. The very same employers where i once thrived and was…

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