The illegality of the “Pre-Polygraph Test Interview”.

I am a tier-one ‘Supervised Releasee” (not a “Defendant”, nor (in the present tense) an “Offender”).  A few months back my Parole Officer attempted to violate me for invoking my 5th, Amendment rights in not answering, as she called them, “Standard Masterbatory Questions” during a required Polygraph session. I hired a lawyer (for $2500. bucks) … [Read more…]

New Rule in Alabama….?

I was informed today, 10May16, by my Officer of Supervised Probation that the State is no longer allowed to issue  “out-of-state”  travel permits. I was told I had to go to court, before the judge, and petition to get a “out-of-state” travel permit. I was told this has been in effect since February 2016. Does … [Read more…]

Free and Happy

Free And Happy Little by little, each day, my little light grows dimmer. One day my little light will just simply go out. On that day weep not tears of despair, instead weep tears of joy. For on that day I will be set free from all the lies, and will truly be free. For … [Read more…]


A law, be it just or unjust, is only words. A law only becomes a real law when someone enforces it. If the people that are enforcing laws that they believe to be a waste of time stop enforcing them then those laws would become just words. Anyone in law enforcement can stop this abuse, … [Read more…]