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RSOs Can’t flip hamburgers in Ga

Original post date: 17.05.2008 the laws need to be changed! In Georgia, people are condemned to a life of nothing. you cant even get a job flipping a hambureger for gods sakes. what do you do, your life is condemned anyway? my husband’s case is not what the laws say. a judge in our county made sure of that. there were 8 cases in that county in that year and everyone of them were guilty even if they didnt do it. ┬ásome of them were guilty of the crime, (some not guilty) and they got not what they deserved but what the judge said they did. you cant judge; you cant fight what he says, not even to the supreme court, and justice is supposed to work for everyone. you tell me – what about the people that are small and cant afford to fight. thank you for the address of the Georgia chapter. i will never give up. god…

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Son to Governor Crist: Please Let My Father Out Of Jail!

Christopher William P. Original post date: 20.02.2008 A letter sent by the 15 year old son of a registered sex offender to the Governor of Florida: Dear Governor Crist: I’d like to tell you a story; a story of a family composed of two sons, 9 and 5, and a mother, with a potentially fatal heart condition. For three long years, on every Saturday, this family visited Bill Pratt, a sex offender, in jail for an hour. It was a long trek to the jail, and almost every time we went, we were harassed by the guards. “Your not allowed to wear chachi pants,” or “Stamp with your left hand not your right!” said the guards, as we were shoved in the the small, tight, and loud maximum security room, with armed guards at every few meters. Every week we would drive an hour there and an hour back in the cold New Jersey night, and if we were minutes…

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