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The Harassed Life of the Solitary Parolee

originally posted 9/19/2008 I had a call at 11:00 last night from a scared parolee. Let me tell you about “Renaldo”. He was arrested at about the age of 16 for sexually abusing a six-year-old. He spent 10 years in prison where I visited him. He had become a model prisoner, has commendations for leading anger management groups. He was released June 23rd and began the solitary role of released sex offender. He lives alone, works for his dad, who cannot visit him after 6PM. This was recently changed to a 7:00 curfew. He has to attend sex offender meetings for an hour and a half once a week, a two hour bus trip from his home. He wears an ankle bracelet and can be monitored or called any time. He is not to be in the presence of minors, even his own godchildren. He has no computer, no health benefits, but if sick is told to get a note from…

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Need Compassion

originally posted 9/12/2008 I was a fortunate one in the SO Treatment program. Although I probably would have “failed” the treatment had I stayed in one particular program, I “passed” in another town. I would not state, “I am a child molester.” It was a horrible act I committed in my past that I will never be able to forgive myself for, but it does NOT define who I am. After five years of Group Therapy, I really believe there will be ‘no more victims’. I’m now in therapy dealing with PTSD caused by my being raped and molested as a child. It is so sad that ‘victims’ who have created more ‘victims’ are only branded and cast out to live the Hell of loneliness, abandonment, fear and mistrust they have been in all their lives. Not everyone, but some of us, have been screaming out all our lives to be heard, noticed, loved, cared for. Unfortunately, with the warped thinking (that goes along with…

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Be Careful Going Nude at Home

originally posted 9/06/2008 I was living and working in Las Vegas, I had a night time job working as an engineer. My wife and I had a nice home with a large 6′ solid walled in back yard, which was common for the neighborhood since the back end of all the properties bordered a large wash. I would work in the hot shop all night and get off at 8:00 AM, then head for home and a good cool shower. During the summer months it was not unusual for me to come out of the shower and remain in the buff around the house for some time after. The morning the entire problem started I had finished my shower and my wife was preparing my breakfast, so I filled a dog dish with food, and took it onto my back yard patio for my Doberman which stayed in the yard. That morning, I looked up and saw two little girls standing on the wall…

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Help Needed in Georgia

originally posted 9/4/2008 My fiance is a sex offender. I have known him for a year and we are now engaged. We have just attempted to move in together in a small town in Georgia. The location was approved and he cut ties to move here with me. We took the paper work from his former probation officer to the new one and were told that the location was not approved after all. He had no where to go back to and no place to call home. It is like a witch hunt here right now– the school bus drivers are on the look out for him and all the neighbors are calling my landlord. His name is on the newlease, but today the landlords told us they don’t want him back here on the property. I have looked everywhere that I can think of for a support group for family members of sex offenders but there seem to be none. What a need…

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Who Is the Real Victim Here?

originally posted 8/25/2008 To all that care, In 1992 The (state)Department of Law Enforcement, The US Postal Service as well as the (local) County Sheriff’s Office and the (local) Police Department raided my home and took possession of 3 video tapes that were hand delivered to me 20 minutes earlier that morning. They claimed in a search warrant that I was a child pornographer. They threatened me with a 10 year sentence in prison if I didn’t talk. They handcuffed me (and took me) to jail, immediately dropped the Disributor and Videographer warrants and held me for Possession of Materials depicting the Performance of a Minor with a bail of $1000.00. My high profile Attorney called it the worst case of Entrapment in the State’s history; he talked me out of a Jury Trial, had me plea no contest and Adjudication was Withheld without Guilt. Conviction without Guilt, 8 years supervised Probation  Therapy and no nudity… YES, No Nudity! So in 1996, I was required to Register for…

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The Ordeal Goes On and On

originally posted 8/24/2008 In the year 2000, while my son was living with a friend of his, the friend went to a local mall and brought home 2 girls who said their ages were 18. My son did not have intercourse with the girl and both of the girls spent the night with my son and his friend. The men did not have anything else to do with the girls, who got upset and told their parents, who filed charges in May 2001. While awaiting to go before the judge for a plea agreement, they processed my son for a 2nd Child Molestation charges. My son lived with a girl and her mother earlier. The mother knew of the relationship and my son knew that she was 13 yrs old (my son was 19 yrs old). Long after the relationship ended, she became pregnant (not by my son). The father, who was not at home, inquired who all she had been with and she named…

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Another Plea, Not a Bargain!

originally posted 8/20/2008 A young family member was recently given what he and his family believe was a very harsh sentence. His attorney advised him to plead guilty in a sex offender case. He allegedly used the internet to view child pornography and he allegedly had in his possession CDs with child pornography. To my knowledge he never tried to approach in person any minor or had any personal relationship with a minor. After his plea he had to wait under house arrest almost one year to be sentenced. Even though he never committed a prior crime and he never had personal contact of any kind with a minor, he was given a 78-month sentence. But, after he completes his sentence he has to be under supervision for a number of years and he will have so many restrictions that it is hard to imagine once he comes out how he can possibly have a normal life. He made a terrible…

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originally posted 8/14/2008 As a freshman away at college, my son at 19 was arrested by a cybernet sting conducted by the State Attorney General’s office together with the County Sheriff . After participating in Yahoo Teen Chat (no longer supported by Yahoo due to abuse by law enforcement officials) my son was contacted days later by one of the AG’s task force who misrepresented themselves as a 14 year old girl. The initial transcripts provided by Yahoo and filed with the court confirmed that the AG’s office had initiated contact, but after this “error” was discovered, a “corrected” transcript was provided and accepted by the court. Entrapment by law enforcement officers is legally nearly impossible to prove, so my son accepted a plea bargain and was given five years probation for an offense against a fictitious girl conjured up by law enforcement officials who initiated internet contact with my son and entrapped him into meeting during which he was arrested at gunpoint and thrown down…


On Registry for Fooling Around at Twenty in 1985

originally posted 8/11/2008 I was 20 in 1985. Met a girl at a party and we fooled around. No sex! Turns out she was under age. Spent time in the county jail. Ten years later I was married with 2 kids. Was forced onto sex offender registry in NH. In ’07 I was put on the public web page 23 years after the fact. I never went looking for a young girl. Now at age 43 I am considered an offender against children and a threat to children. My life is falling apart. I am fighting, but what lawmakers are listening?

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Woman Teacher Unjustly Accused

originally posted 8/15/2008 I was a Special Education teacher for about 23 years, teaching all kinds of students from mentally challenged to learning disabled. I was (I think) well respected because I related to my students and treated them like people. Yes, I even gave hugs to both guys and gals!!! I was accused and convicted of touching a 16 year old male special education student and flashing my breasts, supposedly in the downstairs locker room area where they have cameras. When asked on what date(s) this happened, the police said victims don’t have to provide specific dates. When asked about what the video cameras showed, they told me they weren’t working. When brought to the police station, I didn’t ask for a lawyer because I didn’t believe anything would come out of it. I was arrested for 2nd degree child molestation, forced to resign my job and was a WRECK for 4 months. I had serious thoughts of suicide but because I had…

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