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19 Year Old Virgin Labeled S.O.

originally posted 11/11/2008 My son has been labeled “sex offender” wrongfully. He engaged in heavy petting at the age of 19, with a 15 year old. There was nothing violent about it. Her parents found out and called police and my son was arrested. The day my son was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication probation and to register for life as a “sex offender,” he was a 19 year old virgin. His limitations are almost unbelievable, and his life has been basically ruined. He was always a happy person, and now he is on antidepressants and becomes very angry about the simplest of things. I want my son back, but first and foremost, I want my son to have his life back! Anonymous in Texas

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Hateful, Terrorizing Neighbors!

originally posted 8/24/2008 I have been married to my husband for more than 8 years now, and had two children with him as well. He is my soulmate, my best friend, and so much more. When I met him, he was ashamed of his label society had given him. He even tried to hide it from me, which I totally understand why. He had been rejected, ridiculed, hurt, threatened and mistreated over something he did when he was 19 years old. He didn’t rape anyone, or molest anyone. He touched the clothed breast of his 14 yr old female partner, and as many teen boys have made this mistake .. he failed to verify her age, being mislead to believe she was of consenting age. Nothing beyond that point ever took place, because he had thought to ask her age then, but it was too late as he had already touched her in a sexual manner. When he sent her…

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originally posted 10/14/2008 In the eyes of the law, my son is a registered sex offender in Illinois. This is the furthest thing from the truth, a truth nobody has wanted to hear. Paul at the age of 18 was very close to his 2nd cousin, a girl who was 12. Paul is ADHD and learning disabled (All documented; report dated just weeks before his arrest show his comprehension level at the 4th grade, 7th month. This was an evaluation for special education paid for by the state to determine goals for life after high school). The cousins were together everyday due to her mom being a caregiver for my mother. On Memorial weekend, 2003, the girl`s family went on a camping trip which included Paul. Her Mom noticed them sitting close and wanted to know what was going on between the two of them. Both children denied anything was going on and yet she insisted that the children were…


Not Just a Soap Opera

originally posted 10/10/2008 My brother was falsely accused and convicted of molesting his two oldest daughters. This all happened after he remarried, and his ex-wife called my mother and said if I can’t have him no one will. You wouldn’t think this kind of thing actually goes on, only in Soap Operas. Anyway she got their two oldest teenage daughters to testify against him. He was convicted and spent 20 years in prison for something he didn’t do. He wouldn’t admit he was guilty, so they wouldn’t let him out on parole. He maxed out, but now has to register. This is so not fair, after putting 20 years in for something he didn’t do, to have to have the rest of his life ruined.

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Beware of Plea `Bargains!

originally posted 10/10/2008 I am a former (teacher) who was recently convicted of indecent liberties with a minor (17 years old, just months from turning 18). My wife and I took this young woman into our home during her senior year at the school where I taught after she was kicked out of her older sister`s home. My wife and I were unaware the reason she was kicked out was because she was having sex with her 38 year old brother in law. Unfortunately, I made a very poor choice. Thankfully we never had sex. I am now classified as a violent sex offender for having a consensual relationship (though not actual sex) with this girl. She didn’t even want charges brought but because I was a teacher, the state pressed the case. I received very biased media coverage (many lies) and was strong-armed into taking a plea deal of 6 months out of fear of getting 5 years from a jury trial. Before this, I…

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Victory for David in Tennessee!

originally posted 10/7/2008 I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your prayers, support, encouragement, and above all else your friendship. It worked !!!!!! As of yesterday, I am officially removed from the TN Sex Offender Registry and no longer under any registration requirements. The feeling of the weight of the registry being lifted off of my shoulders after twenty three years is indescribable, but it has given me a new determination to fight for the rights of all registrants so that all of them and their families affected by these laws can one day feel the same overwhelming joy that I am feeling right now. I am still unfortunately listed on the Florida registry which in turn lists me on the National registry but that is a battle for another time and place. For right now I will settle for our TN victory and focus on changing the laws for everyone’s benefit. Thanks again…

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originally posted 10/7/3008 This is from an inmate from a young man in the SW, whose crime was that he was found guilty of consensual sex with a 16 year old waitress he met as a truck driver on the road: This is what has happened to me in prison since I turned myself in in 1995 because they were looking for me. I spent 18 months in jail because of the press and TV coverage. I was taken to court and given l6 years with 5 years probation. From 1995 until now I have been attacked four times that are on record. There was one other time. One time I was attacked by a sergeant and 2 officers. They left no marks on my body but I had 2 broken ribs. Medical reports said I fell against a wall. I was put in isolation for 2 years. In 1999 I finally made it to prison from jail and put into the population. When some of the…


Sex Chat Room Sting

originally posted 8/28/2008 I am seeking justice for my boyfriend who has been severely punished and has his life ruined because the Federal government said he intended to harm a child. There was no child. He was contacted by a Federal agent in a sex chat room and enticed to meet (just across a state line in another state). He is serving 11 years as a sex offender even though he never talked to, touched or harmed a child. He conversed with an adult who wanted to meet him. And he has lost everything just because he talked in a sex chat room and went to meet what he thought was a consenting adult.

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More Than a Quarter of a Century

originally posted 8/21/2008 26 YEARS AGO IN THE STATE OF WI I WAS CONVICTED OF A SEX OFFENSE. There were no such convictions prior to my offense or since. What this newly required sex offense-registration rule has done to myself, my family & friends can only be classified as devastating!! Never in my 74 yrs have I seen such destruction towards a human being from society & law enforcement because of this registration law. The sentence goes on & on & on daily. No way, in “GOD’S” world should such extended punishment for a 1st offender be allowed to happen! I am NOT pedophile nor am I a threat to society! I merely lost my sense of reasoning 26 yrs ago.

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The Harassed Life of the Solitary Parolee

originally posted 9/19/2008 I had a call at 11:00 last night from a scared parolee. Let me tell you about “Renaldo”. He was arrested at about the age of 16 for sexually abusing a six-year-old. He spent 10 years in prison where I visited him. He had become a model prisoner, has commendations for leading anger management groups. He was released June 23rd and began the solitary role of released sex offender. He lives alone, works for his dad, who cannot visit him after 6PM. This was recently changed to a 7:00 curfew. He has to attend sex offender meetings for an hour and a half once a week, a two hour bus trip from his home. He wears an ankle bracelet and can be monitored or called any time. He is not to be in the presence of minors, even his own godchildren. He has no computer, no health benefits, but if sick is told to get a note from…

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