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Elderly Man Punished After 26 Years

originally posted 1/18/2009 In 1986 i was convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault, the one & only criminal offense I’ve ever had in my 74 years of life . Everything I’ve  read here by Mr Shannon is sooo very,very true ! Even today after 26 years (from the time of the alleged offense), my sentence continues on a daily basis . I’ve had no support as the family has taken a back seat to how i must live with the new laws & restrictions which I’m subject to as a offender . I only wish I would have known about this hotline years ago. Isolated and suffering in Mississippi

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Young Sex Offenders Lose Sanity Because of Laws

originally posted 1/18/2009 As all of you are aware I have been fighting to save my son, PJ since he had gone into a severe depression last year. We thought he had snapped out of it last summer, but then bizarre behavior this fall after he was arrested near a school had us believing he was doing street drugs. Since Christmas he has been in a sever psychotic state which only led us to believe that he was doing street dugs. Last Friday it was so severe we called 911 for help and when everyone arrived we were told that since he was not talking of harming himself or anyone else that there was nothing they could do. The paranoia, delusions, anger and constant rambling increased and on Tuesday we were once again forced to call 911. PJ is 5’4 and weighs 112 (a loss of 17 lbs in two months). It took 4 cops to hold him down. Long…

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Country Boy Makes Mistakes, Ruined Forever

originally posted 1/17/2009 (I am marking this as private because there are problems in logic with the story; sandy) (Kinda makes my head hurt….   mike) My story, well its complicated. When I was 18-19 I was a very promiscuous young man. I have never lied about that and I made a couple bad choices. I slept with my 15 year old girlfriend. I did know her age. It was just a bad choice. But I thought, I love her, – a misdemeanor would be worth it. What I didn’t know is they were setting up an internet sting. They came looking for me, and told me they were just visiting my area and asked what there was to do here. I made a sexual comment. She told me, I’m only 15 though, and I said, Well I’m outta here. Then – wow -they came to my door, and I’m a felon! What’s worse is I have to register for 10 years….

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Not Treated Like Human Beings

originally posted 1/10/2009 I want to state that I am NOT a sex offender, but I have committed a sex offense. The term “sex offender” implies continued behaviors. I am, by “legal” terms a sex offender, but admitting that hinders any chances of me being treated like a human being. I am now living in an RV on a piece of land with no running water or sewage, electricity and I keep getting death threats where I live. I am in the process of getting recordings of the threats and vandalism. Cops in this town say I don’t have to live there. What they don’t understand is that I am on parole, and parole forces me to look elsewhere for a place to live.. nowhere near schools, parks, daycare centers and other places where children regularly congregate. What this means, is virtually no place is available for me. It’s only being enforced on parolees in California. Additionally, if I register as a transient, I…

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A Created Crime

originally posted 12/28/2008 My son was arrested last May because of a Police Sting out of Florida. His picture was put on the local media in Oklahoma as a sex offender before he was even charged with a crime. What happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty? I don’t think that applies in this country anymore. After being taken to Florida, the so-called Public Defender assigned to his case told his wife that he was guilty and would probably spend 8 to 10 years in Prison. I assume the Public Defender was going to do nothing to help him which forced us to obtain an attorney and spend all the savings we had to do so in order to help our son. His attorney called this a “Created Crime”, created by the police. It’s as if there is not enough crime in this country so the police create new crimes, I guess we really do live in a Police State, not a…

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Confused and Beaten Down

originally posted 12/28/2008 I, too, am the Mother of an adult son who was convicted of having(very old) child pornography on his computer. The FBI had no conclusive proof of this, just a hint. None the less, they went to “visit” my son, and being the honest person he is, he admitted them to his home and spoke with them. (They did not have a warrant, because they didn’t have proof; but coerced my son into a signed confession of possesion and confiscated two computers, then came back 2 1/2 years later to arrest him.) My son is 1 year into a 97 month sentence for 2 counts of possession. His 97 months may as well be a life sentence,although he does have the support of his two sisters, his father and myself along with a few really good friends who know he is NOT a sex offender, even though the laws passed by our “congress” say he is. I…

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Elderly, Disabled S.O. on Registry for Life

originally posted 12/16/2008 I am an elderly male, disabled, convicted sex offender; I have never touched or hurt anyone. I passed some illicit photos on the internet. I served 15 months in prison, but the worst was yet to come; I cannot find subsidized housing. I barely exist on my small social security income. but the worst is I will have to register for the rest of my life. I am regretful for what I did, but it is unfair as I have never hurt anyone. The laws need to be changed.

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Patriotism Evidently Doesn’t Matter

originally posted 12/16/2008 My son (same name…I am “Jr” he is “III”) has been convicted and served prison time after being entrapped by Law Enforcement. He had been 8 years in the Army and served this country in both Iraq and S. Korea (hence the “patriot” moniker). I served in the Air Force in the early 70s…considered myself a patriotic veteran – no longer however! I will not even fly the flag anymore. At my age, to lose one’s fundamental “belief system” is devastating.  

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What a Neighbor Thought She Saw…

originally posted 12/12/2008 My husband was wrongly convicted of a sexual offence because of what a neighbor across the street thought she saw. There was a little 6 year old girl who was one of the children from across the street who would come to play with him when they lived here. One day the child came over and was stepping on his hand. He was trying to remove her from his hand and the neighbor thought she saw him lift up the little girl’s dress. He went to jail and a court appointed lawyer asked him to plead the Alfred plea to avoid trial. As a result he was accused as a violent sex offender. (And yet, this situation I am explaining was non-violent.) This incident happened in 1996. He has had a record ever since then, gone to probation; counseling for this and also anger counselling. He followed all of the rules, including to mail finger prints in every 90 days,…

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Couple Want Family–PO Asks Them Why

originally posted 12/12/2008 I am the fiance of a sex offender. He was sentenced to 10 years to life probation of the highest level. I haven’t been able to see him since he was released in August, but have been able to speak to him on the phone and every conversation we have involves how his therapist and P.O. are mistreating him. For example he has been out for 3 months and has had none of his safety plans approved for general movement like taking the bus or just walking, for computer use to find a job at the Workforce Dept. His P.O. told him one week to just call and tell her what his plans are at the beginning of everyday. He does, and the next week she asks him why he didn’t call and ask permission during which time in the week she never called him back. We talk about our wedding and the potential to have a family and…

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