Traveling to Europe

By Tony from Long Island I just returned from a short trip to Europe to visit my wife. It’s the first time I have left the country (except for a brief trip to Montreal decades ago). When I received my passport, the first thing I looked for was some sort of “unique identifier.” I found none. There’s nothing I could see on the passport to identify my status. I flew into Amsterdam and going through customs took 20 seconds. Just a “what’s the purpose of your trip” and “how long are you staying.” I flew back from Berlin to New York 9 days later. When I had to scan my passport, I got the “X” on my receipt. I, of course, had no idea what this meant and started to stress out. I had to wait on a slow moving line only to be told “You have to be seen by an officer” with no reason given. So I sat…

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Only you can turn things around

By 345… Mine is like many others, I made a mistake, plead out for fear of jail and am serving my probation. While others certainly have it much worse than I, there are still some times where my life feels worthless, hopeless and very isolated. Therapy tells me this is considered zero state, I consider it the new normal. I can never take back the horrible things I have done, nor can I change how others were impacted by my actions. All I can do is move forward however that might be. I only hope that this life will prove to have some positive meaning for someone and maybe give them a perspective or hope that they may come out on the other side and be able to keep on keeping on. I am lucky, I was facing 2-10 years for indecency with a child by exposure. In Texas this means I do not have to be the one naked,…

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Never give up

By Tim… I would like to share a bright spot of my life with all of you and hopefully shine some light on opportunities for others. Two years ago I saw a group of motorcycle riders escorting bicycle riders for the MS society. They were riding from a suburb of where I live to the Twin Cities, a 150 mile ride. I stopped and talked to a couple of them and asked about helping out. I was welcomed and the next day I joined them all for breakfast and finished out the ride with them. It was fun and we had some flat tires of bicyclists and some who dropped out. I was happy to be giving back to the community in a good way and helping an organization for a good cause. This year I helped with the first ride of the year, again, that same ride from my area to the Twin Cities. After about two months I…

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Unconstitutional Hardships as a result of the AWA

By Christopher Donker… I am a UK citizen from Scotland who moved to the United States to meet my boyfriend Ryan, who I met online. After meeting, we got along extremely well and decided to think about our future together. We got married in Virginia in October 2016 and decided that it would be best for me to apply for permanent residence in the US as opposed to Ryan seeking residence in Scotland, given his past convictions. I have applied for permanent residence in the US and am currently going through the immigration process. To do this, he needs to sponsor me in order for me to get my green card, however due to his criminal background, he is ineligible to sponsor me and my case with USCIS will ultimately be denied because of this. The issue that US immigration (USCIS) has with his criminal record, is the fact that he has a sex offense from 2008. The Adam Walsh…

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A life of misery

By Ms. C… I’ll make this quick. When my son was 18, still in high school he dated a girl over the summer. She was also in high school, but not quite 14. He didn’t know her age, and very immature for his age. He had been held back a grade by me when he was 5 because he started kindergarten at 4, and I was following the suggestion of the teacher at that time. Point is, they were both high school students. However, because of her not being exactly 14 years old, she wad not of the age of consent. Even though her mother knew about the relationship because that’s whe they hung out, at her mother’s home, the mother claimed that she didn’t know they ate dating. It turns out that the mother had placed another boy in jail for many years over her other daughter, and had successfully sued his parents for money in a civil suit….

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This doesn’t seem to be “collateral damage”

By Tim… I previously posted as “a man without a country.” I’ve lived overseas since my release from probation. Until February, 2018, I had no problems overseas, only when I returned to the US the last few, as I had to after my last parent died. Last year, using the same route and carrier as four times before, I was denied a boarding pass when something came up on the screen at check-in. They asked if I were “traveling alone”; I nodded incredulously and indicated no one was standing near me. I later wondered if this was something to do with the ‘trafficking’ we hear a lot about. Because of a health issue, I request wheelchair assistance in airports. Even though I’d spend just a two-hour layover sitting in a wheelchair in that airline’s hub, I was told to find another carrier with another route. Less than an hour after telling my family I’d be back in a month, I…

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U.S. Border Policies and Registration Laws

By L Y… Three weeks ago, my fiancé’s brother texted me saying that my fiancé, “Eric”, was killed in El Salvador. I cannot express how stunned, sad, and angry I am about my Love’s needless death.Eric grew up in America after his parents brought him, at age five, to the U.S.A. I was both his kindergarten and third grade teacher. Later, when he was a young man, to my regret and shame, Eric became the underaged so-called “victim” in my sex offense case. My psychologist reported us. I was given a one-year sentence, and I lost my teaching credential. When Eric became older, he couldn’t find work in the United States. He didn’t have a legal U.S. birth certificate, so he went back to his birth country, El Salvador, to get a job and attend college. He wanted to teach English. He also wanted to help youths resist getting into Salvadorian gangs.I now admit that I thought about Eric obsessively…

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Will this nightmare end?

By S.G. I know this story has been told over and over. I know a lot of people have lived this as well but I wanted to be heard. You see I am not a S.O. I am a wife to a S.O. In 2007 I met my husband. He had been convicted of statutory rape 2nd degree in October 2003. She was 3 months from 17 he was 31 at the time. He served 2 1/2 years in prison in Missouri. I had just gotten out of a severely abusive relationship. We started as friends. We attended group therapy and one on one counseling. In 2008 we got married. At this point we were heading in right direction. We both worked hard. In 2012 we bought a house in a small town. We were very open with the mortgage broker and real estate agent that nothing within 500 feet of a playground. The house was 1 block from sheriffs…

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Put My Story to Written Word

My name is Chris Pelloski. I am a former cancer doctor and researcher who pleaded guilty to accession with an intent to view child pornography in the Federal Southern Ohio District in 2014. From my perspective, I had a moral obligation to tell my story, in full detail and brutal honesty, once I personally experienced the extent of public misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding my offense and sex offenses in general. The first book, “Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Love: The Fall and Rise of a Physician who Heals Himself,” opens with the police raid on my home, details the pretrial phase of my case (house arrest, the legal machinations of my charge, and concurrent therapy I underwent for my childhood sexual abuse and PTSD diagnosis), and closes at my sentencing. This book has won several literary awards. Amazon link: My second recently published book, “A Tortuous Path: Atonement and Reinvention in a Broken System,” relates the experiences of…

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Introducing “The Secrets that We Keep”

By Titus Johnson… I was convicted of two counts of rape 32 years ago. I have never been convicted of such offenses since that time. However, like every other offender and victim, the guilt and shame is something that barely ever takes a recess.As result of being convicted of these offenses, I always wanted to know how I could go about helping victims and offenders in dealing with this dilemma.Three years ago I realized there weren’t any books written by Offenders who were truly sorry for their crimes and needed to express this, while helping society in understanding the different types of offenders and how it all plays out in everyday life. I wanted to contribute something to this cause besides having my name on a registry.With that said, I’m do to release my book titled, ” The Secrets That We Keep” sometime in June. I’m also thinking about advocating a” Forgiveness Act ” that would allow victims to have…

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