Oregon board of parole and post prison

By Jacob . . . So when I was 23 I was arrested for encouraging child sex abuse 2 Class C felonies x3 for downloading under age porn they told me they been watching me for 2 years . I’m gay it wasn’t easy for me to say that back at that time living in a small town it was hard to deal with that and having no one to really talk to I relied on forms and chat rooms and other boys like myself that where close to my age I was around 18 when the internet open up my world. So at 23 I was arrested I did my time I did 8 months in county never went to prison never had any problems before or after I was out when I was in jail people started messing with me being my first time in the corrections system it was kinda crazy I seen all kinds of stuff…

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Approve – Not Approved

By Jason C. . . . In 1999, I was convicted of several sexual offenses. At the time, I was 22 years old – still young, still making stupid decisions. My mother warned me time and again to change the course of what I was doing, but at that age, you swear you know everything, and believe you are invincible. However, my world came to an abrupt halt when I was arrested and thrown into prison. I was questioned by a detective, using scare tactics like, “They are going to throw you away,” “If you don’t tell me what I want to hear, I will spread the word that you are a sex offender, and those guys inside those prison walls will rape you and use you like you are just a piece of meat.” Of course, this scared me because I had never been in trouble before. Prior to my arrest, I had honorably served in the United States…

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Death Vs. The Registry

By Sad Mom . . . The person I know was convicted of a crime of sexual assault of a minor. He was using dating apps to meet women for casual sexual encounters. In order to sign up on these sites one must acknowledge (with a click in a box) that they are 18 years old. This person met and had sex with a ‘woman’ who turned out to be 13 years old. The case went to court and it was a ‘he said/she said’ digital tech style. They had traded nude’s – possession of child pornography. His words for where to meet for sex – an additional charge of solicitation of a minor. And all the various “defendant used body part a to penetrate ‘victim’s” body part b” require the act of sex to become broken down into a charge for each and every “touch”. At no point did this man force himself on the ‘victim’. The ‘victim’ was…

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From Shame to Grace

By Ayem…. I was sexually abused as a child by my older brother. He was always much bigger than me, even though we were only 2 years apart. Without going into detail, he pretty much made my life a living hell for 18 years. I couldn’t do anything in the house without pissing him off or pissing my parents off for pissing him off. I left our family home at 18 to attend college while he was locked up in prison for a string of burglaries he committed, moving to a family-owned apartment. I wanted nothing more than to get as far away as I could from the monster in my house. Once I had sex for the first time with a female, it was like the floodgates were opened my first winter in college. I flunked out of college due to 2 straight semesters of withdrawing. I was addicted to porn, to seeking encounters with young women, to going…

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It never ends

By Todd… I committed my crime back in 2014. I wont go into details about it but was not a physical act. I got out of prison November 2016. I applied for a job doing what I have done for majority of my adult life, which is working in the automotive industry. On my application there was no questions about previous criminal history so I did not have to put what I had done. Several months after I had been working at the shop and proved myself to the owner he did background checks on everyone. He never mentioned anything to me about it. He gave me the opportunity to manage the shop 8 months after I had started. Shortly after that he sold one of his other shops and brought all employee files to my shop to be kept secure. While putting them away I saw a big file for me so I looked through it and found lots…

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The truth would not be heard

By LC . . . At 19 I met a girl who told we she was 18. We went out to the club on 18+ night… We went on a couple dates…We had sex one time. I found out she was underage and broke things off. She claimed she was pregnant. I told her we needed to talk to her mom and explain what happened. She told me she had an abortion. I left her alone because I assumed she was just playing games. I met my now ex wife and joined the Army only to find about a year later I was under investigation. Eventually a warrant was issued and I was transported from TX back to IL in chains like a dog. I had ZERO criminal history. At my first court appearance I found out how old she actually was (13) and for the first time here allegations of rape. I was shocked.Upon speaking to my lawyer I…

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This isn’t life

Back in 2004 I was accused by my brothers ex wife of touching my niece inappropriately on Halloween. Only issue with that is I was in jail for missing court in another county and was being held until I could be transported. September 22nd. Until November 19th. I was in jail.My brother and his ex were in a pretty harsh custody dispute. She wanted to move to the other side of the country with the guy she had been having an affair with. My brother of course said no. So in order to get his parental rights taken away she claimed I had done this act and my brother was unfit to be a parent because somehow he allowed it to happen.Backing up a bit though to explain some things. My old neighbor would sit for my brother when he was at work and he had the kids with him. She told me that one day my niece told her…

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New Mexico is My Home

By NMCowboy87 I am 33 years old and I am from New Mexico however, I committed my offence back in Oklahoma back in 2011. I had a lawyer I paid $1,000.00 in the end just to say, “Take this plea deal or you go to court it will be life with out the chance of Probation.” I was told he just glanced over the evidence and was best friends with the judge. Basically good old boys having out backwoods southern Justice. I had to service 5 years in Prison was released to New Mexico in 2016 where I did Probation until 2019 when Oklahoma stated I was to be placed on Unsupported Probation until 2021. I am very upset at the state of New Mexico as they require life long registry every 3 months and the problem is the registration office has moved 4 times since 2016. Also the original officer retired and was replaced in 2018 to great relief….

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RSO Need Not Apply, even if the City if Burning

By Sasha . . . Hello all and I hope everyone is staying safe.I am writing this for someone because his story fits this category.He finished serving over a decade behind bars for various offenses against a person under the age of 18. Despite factors showing that he would be little to no risk, he was given the highest level (3).Within four years while on parole(since 2015) he demonstrated good behaviors without incident, held full employment, volunteered in his community and even, during a natural disaster that struck his community (tornado which killed 3 people) he served his community above and beyond what a parolee should do by volunteering his time to provide food and needed items to his community and in the aftermath or the disaster he engaged in community service by providing logistic and communications to emergency services. He was even acknowledge by a high ranking person who worked for the city he resided in.Despite doing well and…

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I am not my crime

By The Outspoken Offender… Introduction First and foremost, I’m not my crime. I believe this is one of the most powerful and important statements that people should hear. And not just for me, but for the countless others that have been convicted of a crime, including people living on the registry. This isn’t a statement that condones what I’ve done in the past or that I condone what others have done. Rather, it’s statement that says, “I’m still productive. I’m can still be an active, positive member of society if I choose to do so.” Living on the Registry Before my arrest in 2006, I was very active in TV news, radio broadcasting and film production. Since I was in the industry, my case was blasted all over the local and national news. It was a horrible experience to say the least, not only for myself, but for my family as well. After spending 41 months inside a federal prison,…

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