Another Plea, Not a Bargain!

originally posted 8/20/2008 A young family member was recently given what he and his family believe was a very harsh sentence. His attorney advised him to plead guilty in a sex offender case. He allegedly used the internet to view child pornography and he allegedly had in his possession CDs with child pornography. To my knowledge … [Read more…]


originally posted 8/14/2008 As a freshman away at college, my son at 19 was arrested by a cybernet sting conducted by the State Attorney General’s office together with the County Sheriff . After participating in Yahoo Teen Chat (no longer supported by Yahoo due to abuse by law enforcement officials) my son was contacted days later by … [Read more…]

Woman Teacher Unjustly Accused

originally posted 8/15/2008 I was a Special Education teacher for about 23 years, teaching all kinds of students from mentally challenged to learning disabled. I was (I think) well respected because I related to my students and treated them like people. Yes, I even gave hugs to both guys and gals!!! I was accused and convicted of … [Read more…]

Everybody Harmed

originally posted 8/8/2008 I have been an elementary teacher for 33 years. I am a foster and adoptive parent, including one who was a victim, one who is a convicted offender, and one who is facing charges. The day before Mother’s Day, 2004, my 6-year-old foster child told us that another foster child in the … [Read more…]

Innocent Man Exonerated!

Original post date: 16.05.2008 A Tale of Eventual Justice, sent in by an RSOL participant from Oregon! Without money, forget justice! Never take a plea bargain if you are innocent! They are NEVER bargains! Wrongfully accused and indicted and ultimately had charges dropped. A vindictive ex partner in business planted cd’s that contained CP on them … [Read more…]