Sex Offender

originally posted 7/2012

A year after I was added to the registry, my wife gave me a new billfold. I didn’t understand;  my billfold was not that old.  She took my driver’s license and put it in the new wallet.  The plastic window was smaller, and she pointed out, “Now you can’t see where the red letters state, ‘criminal sex offender.'”  Hmm, I wonder if there’s a non criminal sex offender? I tried to fight the registry, even joined the ACLU, wrote letters and e mails, and was in the process of organizing a chapter to join in the fight. She was dead set against it.  My wife has never even had a parking ticket.  I think it was a shock to her when she found out the police and legal system are far from being the good guys…sadly she fears them now, and that’s a shame.  Worse yet, she fears for me and will not accept what I want to do, fight them!

My offense was in 1981 — over 32 years ago.  I am mad as hell after 23 years of shame, anger, fear and wondering what  they will do next.  It seems like they just make up new laws and rules daily. How can they punish me again and 32 years after the fact?  Retroactive laws, ex post facto laws.  They say it is not punishment therefore no laws were violated.  Let’s see, I can not leave for 3 days or more without a pass and permission, I must pay 20 bucks every month. I must go to the county and the city and report and give pictures and fingerprints.  I will never get to watch the grandkids’ football game.  I can not move without permission, and they pass out posters to the neighborhood.  I resigned from my church to avoid any shame.  I worry constantly about some nut hurting my wife or destroying our property.  After all, they posted my picture and crimes on the Internet.   Then there’s a map that shows where I live and how to get to my house.  There are over a hundred pages of new laws, and even with that each individual town, city, or county can and does make up more rules.  The last one is a beauty: sex offenders cannot live within a hundred feet of another sex offender or under the same roof,  nor can we live within 2000 ft of schools, parks, bus stops and on and on.  I now ask how anyone can look me in the eye and tell me this is not punishment.


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