Some good news for a change

I have been on the registry since 1997. Many things have changed over the years. Like when I was sentenced, I was only suppose to be on the registry for 15 years. Which in my mind is too long for a consensual teenage “sex crime. “Not long after my conviction they amended the law, which … [Read more…]

Criminals calling us criminals?

Hello; my name is Joseph.  I was charged in the Military and Court Martialed on 1 count of Carnal Knowledge under the UCMJ Art 120. I ended up being 6 hrs late to my having to register cause I live 20 miles away and could not get a ride in 48 hours after moving into my new house. I … [Read more…]

Just Don’t Understand

My son was arrested a year ago in Washington, and I just don’t understand.  My son was caught looking at child porn and went to a “share” file.  Evidently when you go to a “share” file, it downloads everything from your computer.  So he was arrested for looking at child porn, and because it went … [Read more…]

Reform in Missouri

My story begins with my son who is ADHD, diagnosed in the 3rd grade and medicated.  He decided he didn’t need his meds at 17, and the impulsiveness increasingly got worse and worse.  Due to his immaturity socially, he ran with the younger crowd because they liked him for who he was at their maturity … [Read more…]

Non-Felon Register

I am currently a 25 year old male registrant of the Sex Offender list. I was charged in 2009 when I was 21 with a Class C Misdemeanor of Child Molestation for having a relationship with someone who was 16 years old. We met through work and had dated for several months. After meeting her … [Read more…]

I feel your pain

This was posted as a comment by The Outcast on “I Do Not Know if I Can Continue to Live Like This.” It is too long for a comment, so I am moving it to the main entries–editor   The really sad thing to me about this story is that in 31 states, the age … [Read more…]