Sex Chat Room Sting

originally posted 8/28/2008 I am seeking justice for my boyfriend who has been severely punished and has his life ruined because the Federal government said he intended to harm a child. There was no child. He was contacted by a Federal agent in a sex chat room and enticed to meet (just across a state … [Read more…]

More Than a Quarter of a Century

originally posted 8/21/2008 26 YEARS AGO IN THE STATE OF WI I WAS CONVICTED OF A SEX OFFENSE. There were no such convictions prior to my offense or since. What this newly required sex offense-registration rule has done to myself, my family & friends can only be classified as devastating!! Never in my 74 yrs have … [Read more…]

Need Compassion

originally posted 9/12/2008 I was a fortunate one in the SO Treatment program. Although I probably would have “failed” the treatment had I stayed in one particular program, I “passed” in another town. I would not state, “I am a child molester.” It was a horrible act I committed in my past that I will never … [Read more…]

Be Careful Going Nude at Home

originally posted 9/06/2008 I was living and working in Las Vegas, I had a night time job working as an engineer. My wife and I had a nice home with a large 6′ solid walled in back yard, which was common for the neighborhood since the back end of all the properties bordered a large wash. … [Read more…]

Help Needed in Georgia

originally posted 9/4/2008 My fiance is a sex offender. I have known him for a year and we are now engaged. We have just attempted to move in together in a small town in Georgia. The location was approved and he cut ties to move here with me. We took the paper work from his former … [Read more…]

Who Is the Real Victim Here?

originally posted 8/25/2008 To all that care, In 1992 The (state)Department of Law Enforcement, The US Postal Service as well as the (local) County Sheriff’s Office and the (local) Police Department raided my home and took possession of 3 video tapes that were hand delivered to me 20 minutes earlier that morning. They claimed in a search warrant that … [Read more…]

Another Plea, Not a Bargain!

originally posted 8/20/2008 A young family member was recently given what he and his family believe was a very harsh sentence. His attorney advised him to plead guilty in a sex offender case. He allegedly used the internet to view child pornography and he allegedly had in his possession CDs with child pornography. To my knowledge … [Read more…]