Summer Camp Fling a Nightmare For Teen

Original post date: 15.04.2008 Try to imagine, you’re 17, a junior in high school on summer vacation. You’re unusually tall and still a bit awkward with girls. At a local resort you meet a girl vacationing with her parents, she is beautiful and she actually likes you. After a few days she invites you to her cabin while her parents are away. With heart pounding nervousness, you’re both kissing and touching each other. A phone rings, you’re interrupted and this ends the encounter. Seems so innocent, maybe a preview to an after school special. Now imagine, two days later you are arrested for a violent rape. You tell the police everything you know about the beautiful girl you’d met, you tell them about the kissing, the touching and you swear to God that you never had intercourse. You’re given a Public Defender who tells you the rape tests support the girls claim and that he has worked his magic and…

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20 year old faces vicious cycle – no housing, no school

Original post date: 02.08.2008 My 20-year-old son sat in jail for six months with 39 charges pending initially, then dropped almost immediately to 16 and stayed posted online, with his picture, for the entire six months, enough time for the entire community to see it and for some ignorant people to speculate about what a “horrible sex offender” he must be. Of course, his circumstances were ridiculous, and passing polygraphs — more than one — and providing all sorts of irrefutible evidence supporting his innocence was of little or no help aside from the fact that his 39/16 charges ended up as 2 C felonies (because these were two friends who thought this was “fun,” and that they “make a good team.” ) They offered absolutely no evidence except for the allegation. They could not get times, dates, circumstances or anything right — the police reports and discovery were a mess on their side, so much so that when I read…

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So many harsh conditions for a fine young man

Original post date: 19.07.2008 My son is now released during the week, but has to go to jail from Friday’s at 6:00 p.m. to Monday’s at 6:00 a.m. He was put on high risk because of not living with a girl for two years or longer and his age. He had just turned 23.  He was also charged with two counts, because of being honest and telling every where he touched her and every aspect of their encounter. He cannot be around any family members or anyone else’s children under the age of 18. He is having to sell his home, that he worked so hard for because it is too close to a school. He did not get any time taken off his sentence for the 100 days he spent in jail and I have never heard of that, but I was told that (our) county does not take time served off before trial date. Some of the young…

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Disfigured Youth Persecuted

Original post date: 14.07.2008 I want my son to have hope. He is still incarcerated at (our) County Prison. He is serving an 12 month less 1 day sentence for consensual sex with a minor. He was 19 at the time,she was 14. My son suffered from hemifacial paralysis when he was 18 months old. After 14 facial surgeries to reconstruct his eye, mouth and cheek, he suffered most of his childhood from low self esteem and never thought any girl would find him attractive. The surgeries improved his appearance and restored symmetry to his face. I thought he was very handsome, but he never saw anything but the scars. He and this girl found each other attractive and they had consensual sex. He felt so guilty, he turned himself in to police. The girl and her mother did not want to press charges, but the state did. Now he faces the public humiliation on the registry. He did take…

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Adult student fails class, blames prof. as rso

Original post date: 11.07.2008 Although the statute I was convicted under (Wisconsin, convicted in 1995) will read as though I forcibly assaulted a child, in reality, I had sex with a 15 year old who told me she was 19. That’s all I did. Now, I have to register every four months in Kansas (in person, at the police station, where I am frisked), and every year for the rest of my life in Wisconsin. I had hopes of getting through this, completing my PhD and becoming a professor. But last semester, A girl who failed the class I was teaching complained about me because she saw my name printed in the local newspaper, and stated that she was afraid to come talk to me. Can you believe that? I appreciate what you[RSOL] are trying to do, because my life is for the most part ruined because of the unnecessary stigma that has been assigned.

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Plea to save life, loses it!

Original post date: 03.07.2008 Former editor’s note: This entry sent from a registered sex offender, is an important warning: Beware of so-called plea bargains, often put forth by defense lawyers, not understanding the long impact and humiliation of the sex offender registries – which are often retroactive, affecting people who pled years ago, thinking it was over. IT’S NOT OVER in America, folks. Again, BEWARE OF PLEA BARGAINS! Almost a decade ago, I took a plea deal in a corrupt town. I took a plea deal to save my life, but now I find I am losing it. I recently lost both my jobs, my house and am in debt. I cannot live in my old house; still available to me but the law prevents me from living there. I am homeless in a few days with no money, no food, no job, few friends who cannot provide me a place to sleep because of the laws. Parole (agents) cannot help me….

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Original post date: 03.07.2008 Two teen atheletes shared 10 second videos on cellphones – For that, one now faces having to leave home, go to jail, and be placed on the internet sex offender registry for at least 10 years…. My son is in the backyard right now, sitting around a campfire with some friends. The thought of him being restricted from our house sickens me…. My son has been charged with “Telephonic Dissemination of Obscene Material to a Minor”. He was an 18 year old high school senior when the charges were filed. The charges stem from a ten second cell phone video that was sent to another male high school senior who was 17 at the time (he sent the video on to others). Unfortunately, this type of behavior among high school students has become too common. My son was a well known athlete in town, and law enforcement has decided to make an example out of him in…


Abused woman forced to register

Original post date: 10.06.2008 Two days ago, my dearest friend in the world was forced to register as a sex offender. She is a single mother struggling to overcome a violently abusive relationship. Last year, she found comfort in the friendship of a young woman who helped her understand her abuse and begin the process of reaching out for professional help. One evening during the course of their brief friendship, they had sex. The encounter was entirely consensual; just two women sharing their feelings for each other in a very loving manner. Tragically, both this young woman and my friend were completely unaware of the fact that the state of Florida considered this sex act a criminal one. My friend was 35 years old and the young woman just a few months shy of her 18th birthday. Both believed the age of consent to be 16 and neither realized their age gap changed everything in the eyes of the law. In a…

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It doesn’t make sense!

Original post date: 24.05.2008 In late 1997 I was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child. I was 19 years old when the consensual “offense” occured. I served 6 months jail and 3 1/2 years probation for the crime. Now 10 years later I find myself back on probation for something completely unrelated (domestic disorderly for arguing with girlfriend) and I am forced to comply with sex offender probation rules and restrictions once again because I was formerly on sex offender probation. It just doesn’t make sense. I have worn this scarlet letter for ten years already. When I was sentenced I was only required to register for 15 years then they changed it to lifetime registrant. How can they legally keep changing these rules and restrictions? Why should this affect me and my family 10 years after I’ve been sentenced and served my time? Most recently I was notified that I am to immediatly evacuate my residence…

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Teenager Ponzanelli in Texas

Original post date: 18.05.2008 Editor’s note: This entry is sent in about the teenager in Texas, Jean Ponzanelli, who is mentioned in a media item on rsol this week, too. The mother of a young woman who is Jean’s highschool friend sends futher information about this typically terrible tale. Jean himself had lived almost all his life in Texas and didn’t really understand that he was not a ‘citizen,’  just a ‘legal alien.’ His lawyer didn’t know that either when he suggested the ‘plea bargain.’  Now, Jean is trying to withdraw the plea, because no matter how it goes otherwise, he will be deported. This battle seems hopeless at times and I’ve only been in the fight for 3 months. I believe getting these stories out there and opening the eyes of the public is the only way to bring about a change in these laws. Jean Ponzanelli is so creative. He draws, plays guitar, drums, he writes music, he…

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