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The Polygraph is Superstition

By Registered Citizen564 … If anyone does not know, the California Sex Offender Management Board (aka CASOMB) has phone call conferencing open to the public. Well since I’m not only a registrant but a member of the public I thought I’d conference in on their call today about the polygraph and all its wonderness and goodness fantasticness.What I heard today was a lot of 100% USDA Ground Choice B.S. unfortunately. A lot of Orwellian Doublespeak (1984 book) also present. There were CASOMB people on the call, a few PO’s, and, you guessed it, a few people who make their living off the polygraph. I was the only registrant on the call and I was proud to be there for you. There were a lot of “hum’s” and “you knows”, and a few “pretty much sure of’s” and when I asked the hard questions, the answers were vague and wobbly, “ well you know, “we’re working on making the polygraph better…

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Sanctioned Life Destruction & Murder!

By PerryP…. I’ve been on The Registry for many years now, and to be honest, I deserved being on it for the Crimes I have committed in the past. However; I’ve never used any Weapons, in any of my Past Crimes either. My Last Conviction ended up with me doing 5 years. I thought that would be the end of it, but No. Nearly Eleven Months AFTER MY CONVICTION, I was brought back to Court, and in an SVP Hearing, WAS LITERALLY CONVICTED AGAIN BY HAVING TO REGISTER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! I’d been told that because The ADA waited so long to have me Convicted like that, was Illegal. To this day, I still don’t know it that’s true or not. At this point, it’s kind of Moot. I was scared to be honest; because even in Prison, there are other Inmates who are only too willing to Attack and try to Maim or Outright Kill anyone…

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Life is What you Make of it

By Victor… I served a little over two years in federal prison for three separate sex offenses. Most of my poor choices were related to viewing child pornography. It was a long-term addiction I suffered through for about 20 years before I was finally taken down by an FBI sting. In a way, it was a huge relief to finally be caught because now I knew this sad part of my life was over. What I didn’t know was how incredibly difficult life was going to be from that point on. I was on active duty with the Air National Guard as an officer and had served close to 30 years in the Air Force, although not all of it was active duty. I threw away a wonderful career and destroyed my family. That was over seven years ago. As a military veteran I am very thankful for the help I received from the Dept of Veterans Affairs (the VA)….

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Juvenile S.V.P.

By Joshua… On October, 13th 1998, I and a male friend engaged in a sexual experiment while finding a stashed pornography tape…I was 13 years old. In September 2003, when I was 18, I was arrested for Attempted Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse and charged as a Juvenile, My case was transferred because the courts felt their wasn’t enough time left for me to be rehabilitated in the Juvenile System. I entered a plea in 2004 and was sent to prison for 8 years. I was also labeled a Sexually Violent Predator under Megan’s Law 2 and now I am subject to life-time registration, counseling, and Community Notification. I am now 35. My life is miserable, employment doesn’t come easy, landlords frown upon the community notification and my monthly counseling has turned into weekly counseling with the threat of prosecution by the state sexual offender assessment board if I don’t comply with the weekly counseling. I’m not on probation or parole,…

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Poly me why?

By Joseph… A polygraph? Are you serious. If I was not committed for a crime I; should not have to tell about others. But you see me as a liar and threaten me if I don’t pass I will be sent back to prison? That is injustice. You have a record I was not charge for in you system and your telling me you have the right to hold that against me. harassment and stalking is by for nothing to what you have in your phone apps.(records state I was charge for attempted rape,breaking entering. and was told more but charges was dismissed. How can one be charge if it was dismissed. Now I am counseling and we are not allowed to associate with other offenders? we do not teach one another how not to re-offend but be sabotaged by our criminal sexual crimes when ever this counselor feel she needs to do so.there is very little evidence that polygraph…

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My life is now 2 categories before and after.

I’m going to attempt to be as factual and brief as possible. I’m the parent of a daughter who’s step-father was convicted of Gratification of Lust.I was married to this man for 12 years, we were as normal at Joe Blow down the road. Sometime, in the year of 16 a competitor company lured my ex husband to come to work, he did. Along with this new job came sales calls, requiring him to be in and out of office. In ways that are not so clear to me he started using drugs which lead to a lot of strange behavior in the following months, our marriage was in trouble , I realize now but at the time I chalked it up to complacency. Until, the day. The day everything changed. Looking back I realize it was slow fade. We allowed the devil in our home slowly but surely slipping on church, tithing , reading the bible and living for…

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Only you can turn things around

By 345… Mine is like many others, I made a mistake, plead out for fear of jail and am serving my probation. While others certainly have it much worse than I, there are still some times where my life feels worthless, hopeless and very isolated. Therapy tells me this is considered zero state, I consider it the new normal. I can never take back the horrible things I have done, nor can I change how others were impacted by my actions. All I can do is move forward however that might be. I only hope that this life will prove to have some positive meaning for someone and maybe give them a perspective or hope that they may come out on the other side and be able to keep on keeping on. I am lucky, I was facing 2-10 years for indecency with a child by exposure. In Texas this means I do not have to be the one naked,…

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U.S. Border Policies and Registration Laws

By L Y… Three weeks ago, my fiancé’s brother texted me saying that my fiancé, “Eric”, was killed in El Salvador. I cannot express how stunned, sad, and angry I am about my Love’s needless death.Eric grew up in America after his parents brought him, at age five, to the U.S.A. I was both his kindergarten and third grade teacher. Later, when he was a young man, to my regret and shame, Eric became the underaged so-called “victim” in my sex offense case. My psychologist reported us. I was given a one-year sentence, and I lost my teaching credential. When Eric became older, he couldn’t find work in the United States. He didn’t have a legal U.S. birth certificate, so he went back to his birth country, El Salvador, to get a job and attend college. He wanted to teach English. He also wanted to help youths resist getting into Salvadorian gangs.I now admit that I thought about Eric obsessively…

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Introducing “The Secrets that We Keep”

By Titus Johnson… I was convicted of two counts of rape 32 years ago. I have never been convicted of such offenses since that time. However, like every other offender and victim, the guilt and shame is something that barely ever takes a recess.As result of being convicted of these offenses, I always wanted to know how I could go about helping victims and offenders in dealing with this dilemma.Three years ago I realized there weren’t any books written by Offenders who were truly sorry for their crimes and needed to express this, while helping society in understanding the different types of offenders and how it all plays out in everyday life. I wanted to contribute something to this cause besides having my name on a registry.With that said, I’m do to release my book titled, ” The Secrets That We Keep” sometime in June. I’m also thinking about advocating a” Forgiveness Act ” that would allow victims to have…

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False Accusation Nightmare

By Dan… My son was falsely accused of molesting his 19 month old daughter in September 2010. The accuser was his ex-wife, a somewhat mentally impaired individual with whom he was living. He had just landed a good job and was taking care of her and their 2 small children. He was arrested at his workplace, taken out in handcuffs. During his interrogation the investigator asked him about the other incidents of which the accuser had accused him. Being naïve he didn’t know about this interrogation technique and volunteered that maybe his ex was speaking of an incident 10 months prior when his daughter was 9 months old, in which he was caught by his ex in a compromising situation; watching an adult dvd and doing what many young men do secretly (but usually without getting caught). The baby was playing with toys in the kitchen; my son was in the living room, out of view of the kitchen. This…

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