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Don’t Travel to Florida

By Daytona… Don’t travel to Florida,as I found the hard way.Bottom line is I didn’t domy homework.I’m a level 1 living in Mass. In 2015 I made a decision to move to Floridaand retire there.I had lived in Mass all my life without any trouble with thelaw. Its been 30 years since my sentencing.There was no Registry then,but Istill had to appear before a local PD to be processed,Finger printed,andmug shots taken each year till 2000-2001.the Mass.registry was then formed,and I have been on it since.I was given a Level 1 Classification in2003.I petitioned to have my name removed but was denied.I had lived quietly alone in the country,and was never bothered.the onlypeople who knew about my status was the people involved with myarrest and conviction.I was contacted by an old girlfriend i knew 40 years ago who lived inFlorida. I made the decision to visit her and see if we could live together.This is where I went wrong.I had…

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College Rejection

By Elizabeth… My letter below will explain the circumstances of my sons case and the incident at hand. Please feel free to share taking out any names and personal information. In this letter I am updating the local newspaper I reached out to hoping to buy ad space in the local paper after hearing they changes their prior request for him to fulfill to attend the local community college. However, the contact at the newspaper declined to allow me to purchase an ad. This is my response and was also sent to the College. I am writing to update you on the outcome of the hearing at Chipola college conducted for my son upon his re-application for admission. To refresh your memory, my son applied, and was fully accepted to Chipola Community College for the Summer semester of 2018. He was completely honest on the screening questions of his application, allowed to register and pay for classes and then on…

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Film-maker/Registrant looking for stories

My name is Matt and I was convicted of a sex offense in 2006. Some of you may know me already. I got caught up in the “non-nude” underage modeling websites back then and was arrested and convicted of downloading and distributing CP (even though the photos were all non-nude). I take FULL responsibility of my crime and feel remorse everyday. I won’t go into all the details about my struggle with employment, housing, my five year prison sentence, my arrest, etc., because today I try to focus more on the future. In 2012, while on federal probation believe it or not (with approval from my P.O.) I started the documentary film company, Metamora Films. To this day, I’ve produced five films which have all won some sort of award, either online or at a local film festival. I’ve also had the chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival as a press member and interview celebrities such as Kevin Bacon,…

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Quotes, Sources and Thoughts

“Sex abuse is a ‘growth industry.’” –in “The ‘Validators’ and other examiners” in Issues in Child Abuse Allegations in 1991 by Richard A. Gardner—found in Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People by Dr. Tana Dineen. Dineen’s 1996 book is heavy reading but has scads of very interesting, very relevant quotations with details of sources. (A list of the more interesting pages is added below. A pdf of Gardner’s full article is online.) Gardner has some very vocal critics, and he does say things even I find questionable. However, I imagine his critics can’t even begin to deal with his first irrefutable point: counseling ‘professionals’ who call themselves “validators” of abuse reveal a telling bias and prejudice about themselves. Having skimmed the article and some of his other work myself, I’d bet those critics cannot even begin to respond to some of the other things he says in an effort to improve how evaluations of allegations are…

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By Jim…After I was separated from my family and taken away from the courtroom I was placed in a holding cell. The cell actually had bars and was a carryover from the 60s when the courthouse was built. There I was stripped out and given an orange jumpsuit to wear. I was asked if I was suicidal and I replied, “I was given a life sentence what do you think?” Then I was transported in a van that was packed to the point where there was no room for any other people. Once I arrived at the jail I was booked, fingerprinted and processed by a medical. During my medical processing it was discovered that my blood pressure was 188/132 and I was immediately placed on high blood pressure medicine. After that I was placed on suicide watch where my clothes were taken away from me and I was given a suicide vest held together with Velcro to wear instead….

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Promised a cruise. Stuck with a Kia.

By Scott . . . On March 28, 2017 I drove onto the lot of Faccillo Affiliates of Florida Inc. with the intent of buying an automobile. I chose Faccillo because he had been advertising for a couple months that you get a free cruise if you buy Kia from him. It sounded like a really great deal so I signed the papers. I also want to take Robert, my new paramour, on this cruise. We’d be able to get to know about each other. Drove away with my new Kia and cruise tickets. Supposed to leave December 3rd and be gone for four days and four nights. I purchased a 2016 Kia Soul that had 458 miles on it vehicle purchase price was $16,685. (I did not have a trade-in) There were additional charges such as tax, title transfer, and I also bought a service agreement. This brought the balance to $20,901.33. I received a rebate of $3,250 and…

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Stay positive and keep fighting!

By Chris . . . In 2013, I was convicted of having consensual sex with a 27 y/o adult. I was a probation officer having a mental break down and she was on probation with my department. I was on her probation officer when the relationship occurred. I didn’t have power over her, nor did I intimidate her into doing anything she didn’t want to do. But here we are. The government apparently has nothing better to do than to worry about what two consenting adults are doing in a bedroom. The judge thankfully realized the uniqueness of what occurred and I received two years of probation. I underwent a sex offender evaluation and was determined to have not be a danger or have any behaviors requiring S.O. treatment. But I still had to register as a sex offender. My state has one of the more lenient registration laws in the country. Of course sex offender laws are really intended…

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Social media vigilantes out RSO to his contact lists

By Todd . . . Hello NARSOL, after reading the latest blog, I wanted to tell you about a true story of someone I know who has gone thru something similar, what I am calling ‘Internet Vigilantism’. My goal is to help those in the same situation, prevent them from making the same bad choices, and let them know they are not alone. This might be a good spot for Tales, but use it how you wish. Here is the story, tweaked things a little for privacy, etc. ‘John’ has been off probation for about 4 years and still must register annually, but has been active in the community, volunteering, traveling and rebuilding a new network of friends/relationships. A big part of that was a social media site where he was able to connect and stay connected with family, new friends, people he met locally and from all his travels. As an RSO, finding new friends and groups to be…

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Harassed by PO in New Mexico

By Paul . . . Okay, so my case involved a seventeen-year-old. I understand there are some real predators out there and I purposely work with the elderly to avoid the impropriety of being around potential victims. Why does my PO contact my clients and tell them I am a predator and a bad man. Telling them they are in danger even though I only work by referrals, I will answer their questions truthfully. I do not disclose my status as a sex offender or that I’m on parole unless I am specifically asked or required to disclose it. I created my own business find my own clients I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m 100℅ reliable and still my PO tries to interfere with my job. She knows that i cannot get a regular job but she insists that I must get a nine to five. I created my own business have a business registration pay taxes etc. all legit…

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The registry is the most ridiculous, unfair law

My son was recently placed on the sex offenders list in NC. He accepted a plea to prevent the scary thought of maybe losing a trial that would send him to prison for a long time. He was 21 when he made a bad judgement call with an older woman who he trusted to the end. She got afraid that her grown children (my son’s age and older) would find out about her being with my son so she hollered rape on him. She was 51, by the way!!! My Son was the child in this situation, but none the less, he’s is the one charged and suffering this sex offenders list. He has an 8-year-old, little girl he has been raising as his own for 3 years. He does all the good Daddy stuff, helps coach her softball team, is at every game, takes her skating and she really needed him in her life. When he was placed on…

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