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Harassed by PO in New Mexico

By Paul . . . Okay, so my case involved a seventeen-year-old. I understand there are some real predators out there and I purposely work with the elderly to avoid the impropriety of being around potential victims. Why does my PO contact my clients and tell them I am a predator and a bad man. Telling them they are in danger even though I only work by referrals, I will answer their questions truthfully. I do not disclose my status as a sex offender or that I’m on parole unless I am specifically asked or required to disclose it. I created my own business find my own clients I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m 100℅ reliable and still my PO tries to interfere with my job. She knows that i cannot get a regular job but she insists that I must get a nine to five. I created my own business have a business registration pay taxes etc. all legit…

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The registry is the most ridiculous, unfair law

My son was recently placed on the sex offenders list in NC. He accepted a plea to prevent the scary thought of maybe losing a trial that would send him to prison for a long time. He was 21 when he made a bad judgement call with an older woman who he trusted to the end. She got afraid that her grown children (my son’s age and older) would find out about her being with my son so she hollered rape on him. She was 51, by the way!!! My Son was the child in this situation, but none the less, he’s is the one charged and suffering this sex offenders list. He has an 8-year-old, little girl he has been raising as his own for 3 years. He does all the good Daddy stuff, helps coach her softball team, is at every game, takes her skating and she really needed him in her life. When he was placed on…

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Sex offender registration perpetuates punishment for entire life

My life of hell on Indiana’s sex offender registry (SOR) began in 2003 when I was arrested for looking at and printing out pictures of nude preteen girls from the internet. I had just graduated high school at the time, was working a dead-end job, and living on my own with no friends or girlfriend. Also, two major contributing factors to why I was looking at girls that age were that I had been molested when I was very young and the therapist I was taken to failed to address the issue of the abuse in any way. So, I’m in jail as a young adult. This is my first run-in with the law; I had never even had so much as a driving ticket. I am facing two counts, a C Felony and a D Felony. I meet with my court-appointed attorney and he tells me that if I sign the plea bargain that the state will drop the…

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Anguished mother registers her own son; wants him removed

I am 60-years-old and my son is 36. In 2005, he was convicted of indecent liberties with a minor. She was his girlfriend (unknown to me). As the records clerk for our local Sheriff’s Office, I had to fingerprint him, take his picture, and place him on the NC sex offender registry. He got probation, but he and this girl just couldn’t stay away from each other- they wanted to marry in 3 months when she turned 16. Thirteen years later, my son is married and has an 8-year-old son. Everyone hates my son. Can’t afford a lawyer to petition to get off registry. Dying here…… – Theresa

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Lovebird nightmare and plea for help

I was convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault in Missouri in 1987 at the age of 17 for having consensual sex with my 14-yr-old girlfriend. I was sent to prison for 5 yrs. Needless to say, prison was not good for me. I ended up doing 12 yrs as a result of other criminal convictions. The last 4 1/2 yrs I spent in isolation confinement, 24 hrs day, in Arkansas, because of my mental disorders (Bipolar and PTSD, undiagnosed at the time). I finally made it out and have been out now for over ten years, have obtained Bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology, graduating from NMSU in 2014 with University Honors for my published research, “Long Term Isolation Confinement and Mental Health”. I have been clean and sober almost 9 yrs now. Yet all this reform has resulted in me being homeless and jobless on the streets in Portland, Oregon. I am told by my registry officers that…

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Sex offenders unfit to donate plasma?

My son is a sex offender because of pictures at the age of 17. Opening emails sent to him. He will be registered for 25 years! A “no sex” sex offender. He has had a very hard time finding a job now at the age of 21. He finally lands a job and needs to have clothes so he decides to sell his plasma. On top of everything this unfair registry does, he was refused to sell plasma because he is a sex offender? This is ridiculous! Take it from anyone, but not a sex offender! What a great country we live in. When will this stupidity stop? I am angry and crushed. Not to mention what it did to him. – Nena ( )

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AWA & IML punish love, relationships across international borders

I just read some of the posts on this website and wanted to share a bit of a personal story. Like many who come to this website, I am a registrant. I too, have been lucky enough to do a little bit of travel. While I have never been to Europe, I hope to do so soon, and look forward to the mostly hassle free travel. That being said, I’ve been denied entry into Indonesia twice, which has been unfortunate because that’s where the woman I love, my fiance, lives. But that’s a different story for a different time. For now, I’m writing about the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) and the International Megan’s Law (IML). These laws are guilty of legislating relationships not only in the US, but in the world. Because of the AWA, my fiance cannot come here to be with me as it prohibits me from petitioning (sponsoring) a family member into the US. The IML may…

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Mother & daughter duo wreak havoc on unsuspecting men

Years ago, long before we met, my boyfriend went to a club with friends where you had to be 21-years-old or older and carded at the door in order to be allowed in. He met a girl and her “sister” that night in the club. After a few drinks, he and the girl left and fooled around. About a month later, police knocked on his door and asked him if her knew the girl, he said “Yes, I met her a while back.” They placed him under arrest for having sex with a minor. Turns out she was 16 with a fake ID and her “sister” was actually her mother. When my boyfriend went to court, he was there with 6 other guys that this mother/daughter duo pulled the same trick on. They did it to sue them all and get money. Rather than the mother getting in trouble for basically pimping her daughter out, all of these guys were…

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Seeking support for a tribal petition for rehearing

I would just like you all to read this petition and decide if you want to support it. I was a young guy, had consensual sex with girls who couldn’t consent shortly after high school. I have worked with these girls in different buildings and one of them just wants to move on and not let it be the focus of her life. The other is willing to help me. They knew it was consensual. We weren’t drunk. We just hooked up and it was 2005. I was convicted in 2006. I have never re-offended, and I won’t. I just need some moral support because even with a religious upbringing my mother doesn’t even want to revisit it. She won’t even help me contact legal help. I was supposed to be off by the age of 45, but now I am placed in a tier 3 which I didn’t agree to, they just told me have way through my sentence….

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Corruption in Alabama county runs rampant

This is just another horror story of (From this point on, the entire contents must/will be considered ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY acts,written words, inferred or not).. Where to start.. If you are unlucky enough to be set-up/arrested (I would tell you my particular story but**) and then found guilty, or forced to take a plea deal in a certain North Central Alabama County you have NO RECOURSE to get yourself out of this horror. When you are arrested, for the next week or so, your face/name/address will be on every TV news channel,TV website, radio station, flyer, community paper, etc. that can be notified. This is to poison the public to assure you will have no chance at a fair trial, you WILL lose your job, your “friends”, neighbors, anyone will treat you as though you have already been found guilty of ANY conceivable crime. When you finally get arraigned (The legal system here is ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY controlled by the sheriff, and ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY the…

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