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So you think you’ve had it bad?

The New York State civil commitment process under Article 10 is a long arduous road to begin with. I’ve had a pretty tough time. Others have had it far worse. But here’s my story. In March 2008, after serving almost 9 years of a 10 year bid, I was ready to go home. I’d received my good time, signed my parole papers and was assigned an address and a P.O. I was concerned with this new Article 10 law, so earlier that year I’d talked to my counselor about it. She said I had nothing to worry about. They would have contacted her already. I’d asked the counselor for treatment materials and updated my relapse prevention plan. My sister had gone out and bought parole clothes. My family was waiting for me. Then 2 weeks before my release date, it all came crashing down. I was told to pack up, I was being transferred. I thought maybe they were moving…

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Entirely bogus laws

My older brother was convicted of something he didn’t do when I was 3 he was 17. Fast forward to 2011. I was 10 he was 24. He was finally free from parole, and I could hang out with him when I wanted. Everything was good. Now fast forward to 2015. I got taken away from our bio mother. After that, I was told I couldn’t have contact with him didn’t listen my case worker hates me. I don’t get why I can’t talk to him. He is my protector.

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A true to life ghost

Hello. This may be a mirror of your own story(maybe not). How many of you(of us), are True To Life Ghosts? What is a “True To Life Ghost?” Here’s My story! In nineteen hundred and eighty-one(1981), I was an eighteen year old kid whom had, just a year or so prior, begun getting in trouble with the law for minor things like, stealing food from stores,  and joyriding in a stolen car. I guess this should have been my wake-up call, but my head was just a bit harder(i needed something more to wake me up). And it soon came! Accused of Rape. No, Not I! Never!! Take a Plea I did! There was nothing else I could do(even though the doctors report stated that there was NO SIGN OF PENETRATION)! Two and a half years later, I was released from prison(from a four year sentence). Register For Life(is what they tell me). I DISCHARGED that prison number(gave it back…

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Working on being human again someday

An open letter to Curtis Hart, Andy Huffman, and Muirah Imhoff of Cowlitz County, Washington as well as Irma Ybarra-Hill and Paula Brownhill of Clatsop County, Oregon: I have been writing and re-writing this letter for a long time now.  I plan to send it and post it as many times as it takes to draw awareness for this issue.  While I am the subject subject of this story, it is not only about me. I want to learn how to be a better person.  I am more than willing to do the work, and I think I have shown that, but the community I grew up in has become less and less welcoming.  As the doors continue continue to slam in my face, I still live and therefore require food and shelter. It is not usually my character or personality that keeps me barred from my basic human rights, although I am definitely human and prone to error.  It…

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Nebraska bill is revoking parental rights of sex offenders

Nebraska Senator Brett Lindstrom is trying to pass a bill right now essentially preventing anyone convicted of a “sex offense” from having custody or unsupervised visitation with any minor child. Even though my crime was being lied to by a girl who was underage on an Adult Dating website and I had no knowledge that I was violating the law. Apparently, now I can’t have kids and/or raise children either.  My daughter was born on Veteran’s Day of 2016. Her mother and I are not on speaking terms of which I am unsure as to why. Due to having a child out of wedlock, I have chosen to have DNA testing to ensure that I fulfill my responsibilities as a father and to assert my rights. Never in a million years did I think that having a child could change my views in life so drastically over such a short period of time. I can attest that it’s been a…

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Keep fighting

I am a registered sex offender who has been on the registry since 2004.  The crime actually happened a couple years prior to my conviction but cause of some hesitation on the part of the law I wasn’t convicted until a while later.  Well to not explain my whole situation I was at a party as an older teen and had relations with a younger teen.  It was stupid and has really messed up my life.  I was only supposed to register for ten years but because of a new law I am told I have to register for life.  So now I have been on the registry for almost thirteen years now.  Pretty fun stuff.  You really can’t fix your life after that.  I have tried different things all the time.  I even went and got my associate’s and bachelor’s degree.  I can land job interviews easily but never make it past the background check.  So far the sex…

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Registry makes for hard life

Hard Life I was asking for a pardon because I served time in prison in the State of California many years ago for a conviction. I have done my time with parole, followed the state rules and I have nothing else on my criminal recorded. After 10 years I get a letter in the mail saying if I pay the Lawyer he can take me off the registration and it never did happen, I was ripped off a lot of money!! I have been looking forward to trying to get more educated so I can find a job but it is so difficult to get a job with a conviction on your record. Many employers refuse to hire me with this conviction and just won’t admit it. When it comes to relationship they are very hard to find because people can be very judgmental once I inform them about my conviction, but I have found someone who gave me a…

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I can’t get off the registry

In 1997 I met a dude on line who had a porn site called  He was offering a CD-Rom disc that had underage nude boys on it. I ordered it and received it about two weeks later and nothing happened. In the fall of 1998 I received another solicitation from him for another disc with the same type stuff on it. At the time I didn’t have the money to buy it so I waited until march of 1999 to order it. 3 1/2 months later I got a pink slip from the post office saying I had a package ready to be picked up, so I went to the post office but they told me it wasn’t there. They said that it was being delivered to my house. I went back home and about an hour later they brought the package. About 4 minutes after I took the package in the house the feds came and busted down…

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