She Walked Off Clean!

originally postged 2/28/2011 I have known about my husband’s past since we first met and he was very truthful with me about the whole thing but as a sex offender we’re not allowed to live together as a family because I have 2 kids that aren’t his but his offense was with a teenager who … [Read more…]

Kicked Out of Church as an S.O.

originally posted 2/26/2011 As a mother of a convicted “sex offender”, I am outraged at the current laws which catagorize every person’s offense as if their situations are the same. My son was even kicked out of the Church he attended. He has been, and continues to be, so broken over his past mistake. After … [Read more…]

A So-called Democratic Society!

originally posted 2/22/2011 I was very happy to come upon your website and finally hope to find some support. I am the devastated mother of a wrongly-convicted sex offender in Florida, who fell for the bait thrown at him while on a Yahoo Adult Website. A young, single and vulnerable 24yr-old, with a completely clean … [Read more…]

Multiple S.O. Issues

originally posted 2/17/2011 There’s a lot of back lash and I have experience a lot of it in my life. My husband is a sex offender on the registry for the last 8 years and has to register for life. My step-father is an offender on the registry. My son now has a case pending … [Read more…]