Outcast from society

It’s such a bummer reading these stories, as they mainly serve to underscore the utter hopelessness and despair I feel on a daily basis as a result of having been branded a “sex offender” for the remainder of my life.   I swear I wish I had an answer for y’all (and for me and my family too!); … [Read more…]

Back In Time

You know this new law that came out in Pennsylvania on December 20, 2012 has brought back those same old feelings I had when I first was released in 2004… I didn’t go out except at night to shop because I didn’t want to run into people especially with children around.  Then I finally found … [Read more…]

Scarlet Letters

written by Matthew Every law designed for sex offenders goes back to colonial days and the branding of the scarlet letter “A,” and in our case it’s the letters “SO,” and it is designed to humiliate and control us.  And the person to blame is John Walsh.  Yes, he says it’s for good of the … [Read more…]

Never Ends

As a offender who has been sentenced for a crime and paid my debt to society by completing a 13 year prison sentence along with 3 years of supervised release, I often feel that the registry laws do force a burden that is in effect equal to the death sentence. Here in Pennsylvania, I now … [Read more…]

Will Fight

Nov. 2012   I want to share a story of something my wife and I are going through right now. As a registered sex offender, it has been extremely difficult to find housing. This spring, we applied to purchase a mobile home in a local mobile home park. When it was explained that there would … [Read more…]

I Feel Like My Life Is Over

originally posted 7/2012 Although you won’t find my picture on any of the “”sex offender”” registry lists , I AM a registered sex offender on a misdemeanor offense from 1998 and will need to register until the day I die per California law. I have been living a life of pure hell ever since the … [Read more…]

Mother of RSO

originally posted 7/2012 This has been a nightmare for my son all in the name of LOVE.  He just so happened to fall in love with a 16 year old as well as her falling in love with him.  The mother was aware of their feelings,  as far as I could see with approval.  That … [Read more…]

Legal System Is Broken

originally posted 7/2012 The legal system is broken.  Regardless of what the Supreme Court thinks,  the sex registry is unconstitutional and cruel and unusual punishment designed to torture…simple as that.  It servers no other purpose.  If an offender of any sort of violent crime (robbery, rape, etc) is seen fit to be released into the … [Read more…]