Sex Offender

originally posted 7/2012 A year after I was added to the registry, my wife gave me a new billfold. I didn’t understand;  my billfold was not that old.  She took my driver’s license and put it in the new wallet.  The plastic window was smaller, and she pointed out, “Now you can’t see where the red … [Read more…]

A Juvenile Mistake

originally posted 7/2012 I was charged with a CSC crime when I was 17, it’s on my Juvenile record.  But I still have to register as a Sex Offender.  I got my charge in Michigan & I failed to register like on my 1st time to re-register so I got a misdemeanor for that.  Fast … [Read more…]

Living in Fear

originally posted 7/2012 Ten years have passed since my conviction.  I have gone through fear of trying to be close with others; my new life has shunned me from others that cease to understand me.  I live in a small city in a studio apartment.  I have grown to be alone and fear that all I’ll … [Read more…]

Arrested for Talking Online

originally posted 7/2012 I was talking through a chat room and ended up talking to multiple undercover cops posing as 15 year olds.  When they tried to get me out in public to meet I declined.  A few days later I was arrested anyway.  I was charged with soliciting a minor, even though I didn’t … [Read more…]

Don’t We Deserve a Second Chance?

originally posted 7/2012 I am on the registry since 2005, charged with child pornography; lots of images.  Took the plea deal:  10 years registration, which two years later got grandfathered to a lifetime registration.   Did sex offender treatment, three years of probation.  All completed, all done with.   I thought.  I am not denying any of … [Read more…]

All Are not the Same

originally posted 6/2012 This is not about me, but about a young man I know.  I am a Special Education teacher at a very small school, in a small rural community.  We have grades K-12 on one campus, and everyone knows everyone.  I will call him CJ. CJ was classified under Special Education with low … [Read more…]

Hard Times

originally posted 6/2012 In 2003, I was told I had to register as a ten year registrant.  In 2008, I received a letter stating that I would have to register for the rest of my life.  Talk about change!  My son had just been born and I was happy.  I was doing my best to move … [Read more…]

A Cruel Law

originally posted 6/2012 I was imprisoned for nine months in gaol for not pleading guilty and 30 years on the sex offenders’ list and was refused an appeal which has devastated my life. I have been denied  natural justice and I am stuck with evidence that exposes my innocence and I am also stuck with the … [Read more…]

What Happened to the Constitution?

originally posted 6/2012   I  am an rso residing in Illinois  it seems like every time that the state legislature is finished, there are new laws and regulations that are more punitive and degrading to rso’s in this is a living nightmare of more punishment that is thought up by our government leaders. The registry list … [Read more…]