A Ridiculous Crime A Lifetime Ago!

originally posted 2/3/2010 I am a FORMER convicted sex offender… Arrested for a misdemeanor charge, Class B indecent exposure OVER 12 years ago….Since my arrest I have SUCCESSFULLY completed sex offender treatment as well as all requirements for two years probation.  I was released from probation in 1999.  For TEN YEARS after that I was required … [Read more…]

A Voice Burned by the Law

originally posted 2/2/2010 I am a voice who wishes to speak out about the unfair side of the law, from the insider’s prospective. I am one that was burned by the law; I lost my whole life, my job, and I can live hardly anywhere because of schools, churches, parks, and day-cares,  and I am the … [Read more…]

Overkill for First Time Offender

originally posted 1/18/2010 I was a first time offender, who ordered child pornography in a Federal sting. �No previous criminal history, no attempt to contact minors, no other issues, and was being treated for sex addiction. My psychiatrist, whom I paid to come to the trail, was not even called on to speak. �Rather than … [Read more…]