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PA CHAPTER 63 TITLE 23 Pa.C.S. § 6303 destroyed my family

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. Imagine waking up in your warm, comfy, queen-sized, pillow-top bed in the morning to the sounds of “daddy daddy, I awake” around 7am after getting out of work at 2am. You roll out of bed, wake your fiance so that she can get your 8 year old step-daughter ready for school. You come downstairs with your 4 month old daughter in hand, set her up with a fresh diaper and warm bottle in the baby bouncer. At this point, your 2 year old daughter comes walking down the stairs and says, “hi daddy, I awake, I eat”. You ask what she would like to eat, a choice of pancakes or waffles. “Wafffs” she says, referring to waffles. After a fresh diaper for your 2 year old, you clear off a spot on your kitchen counter for the toaster and begin making morning breakfast and coffee. A short while later, your 8 year…

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A true to life ghost

Hello. This may be a mirror of your own story(maybe not). How many of you(of us), are True To Life Ghosts? What is a “True To Life Ghost?” Here’s My story! In nineteen hundred and eighty-one(1981), I was an eighteen year old kid whom had, just a year or so prior, begun getting in trouble with the law for minor things like, stealing food from stores,  and joyriding in a stolen car. I guess this should have been my wake-up call, but my head was just a bit harder(i needed something more to wake me up). And it soon came! Accused of Rape. No, Not I! Never!! Take a Plea I did! There was nothing else I could do(even though the doctors report stated that there was NO SIGN OF PENETRATION)! Two and a half years later, I was released from prison(from a four year sentence). Register For Life(is what they tell me). I DISCHARGED that prison number(gave it back…

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Working on being human again someday

An open letter to Curtis Hart, Andy Huffman, and Muirah Imhoff of Cowlitz County, Washington as well as Irma Ybarra-Hill and Paula Brownhill of Clatsop County, Oregon: I have been writing and re-writing this letter for a long time now.  I plan to send it and post it as many times as it takes to draw awareness for this issue.  While I am the subject subject of this story, it is not only about me. I want to learn how to be a better person.  I am more than willing to do the work, and I think I have shown that, but the community I grew up in has become less and less welcoming.  As the doors continue continue to slam in my face, I still live and therefore require food and shelter. It is not usually my character or personality that keeps me barred from my basic human rights, although I am definitely human and prone to error.  It…

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The illegality of the “Pre-Polygraph Test Interview”.

I am a tier-one ‘Supervised Releasee” (not a “Defendant”, nor (in the present tense) an “Offender”).  A few months back my Parole Officer attempted to violate me for invoking my 5th, Amendment rights in not answering, as she called them, “Standard Masterbatory Questions” during a required Polygraph session. I hired a lawyer (for $2500. bucks) who made the thing ‘go away’, but I’ve given the matter further thought since then. I’ve decided that I didn’t even have to shell out that money!     Let me begin my ‘conclusion’ by telling you that I visited the Amazon book site and found a title (geared for the Polygraph “industry”) that essentially says that the ‘key to a “successful” (ha) polygraph test  is the “Pre-test Interview”. After reviewing my “Supervised Release Order” I found that I was only required to submit to a “polygraph examination”, not a “pre-test interview”. So the next time the Polygraph guy shoved a CONSENT FORM in my…

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Denied entry to Singapore

Hello, I was denied entry on Apr 3rd, 2016. The immigration would not tell me why. But I am almost positive it’s because of my RSO status. They just handed me a letter stating denied entry due to current immigration policies. I was put back on a plane to the US. I am a US citizen so I should have no problems. The purpose of my visit was business and my other co-workers who went with me passed through just fine. Now my job is sending me to Mexico where I hear it is hit or miss to get in. Would someone happen to have any advice for traveling to Mexico? I’d hate to be turned away again and possibly lose my job.

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New Rule in Alabama….?

I was informed today, 10May16, by my Officer of Supervised Probation that the State is no longer allowed to issue  “out-of-state”  travel permits. I was told I had to go to court, before the judge, and petition to get a “out-of-state” travel permit. I was told this has been in effect since February 2016. Does anyone have any factual truth about this “rule”?  

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Free and Happy

Free And Happy Little by little, each day, my little light grows dimmer. One day my little light will just simply go out. On that day weep not tears of despair, instead weep tears of joy. For on that day I will be set free from all the lies, and will truly be free. For on that glorious day those who have hurt me and sought to justify their crimes, will indeed weep tears of sadness for I will no longer be here to be punished for their crimes, and they can no longer revel in their crimes against me. Free to be me with no perverse laws that disguise themselves as justice, holding me back from being me. Free from all the hate and misguided souls who have been caught up in their web of lies. I truly will be free and vindicated, for they will be left here with nothing more than their lies to gain sympathy from….

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A law, be it just or unjust, is only words. A law only becomes a real law when someone enforces it. If the people that are enforcing laws that they believe to be a waste of time stop enforcing them then those laws would become just words. Anyone in law enforcement can stop this abuse, IF they wanted to.

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The Implications of Allowing an Unconstitutional Registry

First of all, let me tell you my story so you know exactly where I’m coming from.  My punishment for my crime and my conviction are well deserved, but many of the trials I’ve had to overcome since my release are not.  After I tell you my story, I will tell you my views and beliefs concerning the registry and how it will destroy America. I had a decent career in the US Marines quite a few years back, but I also had an addiction that eventually destroyed that career.  I was addicted to pornography. Over the course of my adult life, my addiction grew into an obsession and while using file sharing program such as Limewire, Kazaa, and Morpheus, I discovered child pornography. I knew I had a problem.  I was afraid to go tell anyone though because for one I was ashamed.  For two, I was afraid of being turned in and going to jail.  The only “help”…

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No Community Services Opportunities for SO’s

My son was convicted in Ohio of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and sentenced to (among other things) 160 hours of community service. When my son asked his PO for suggestions where to volunteer, his PO basically said “Good luck, no one wants an SO, you’ll have to work for the police or fire department.” Isn’t his PO supposed to give him a list of qualified community service opportunities? We have checked with the Salvation Army, and they don’t accept SO’s; I searched online for volunteer opportunities in our area and most are either working with minors (prohibited by the terms of probation) or include a background check. Any ideas?

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